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Pool Deck Design Plans

Priya Johnson Nov 4, 2018
Swimming pool decks are the latest trends in outdoor design today, and make the perfect place to relax, entertain friends, and regroup with family. Factors such as material, layout, color, style, etc., need to be considered while choosing a design.
Today, pool decks are given nearly as much attention as the interior designing of the home. Decorative swimming pool decks create a piece of paradise in the backyard and are fantastic ways to extend the living space. Properly designed pool decks can become one's favourite part of the house.

Elements of a Good Pool Deck Design

Proper pool deck designs will make the most of the new space created and enhance the beauty of the house and backyard. There are various factors that have to be considered while designing a pool deck. These different factors are:


There are four different types of materials available for building the pool deck. There is the concrete type which is very popular due to the variety of options available at a reasonable price.
Then, there are brick decks which go very well with brick homes. In higher-end pool construction projects, stone decks are well sought after.
Ceramic tile decking are also popular as they can be manufactured to mimic a variety of other materials. Wooden decks are also very popular.

Type of the pool

The design of the pool deck relies mostly on the shape and type of the pool. In-ground and above-ground pools require different design plans for the deck. For in-ground pools, tile, or concrete decks are suited, while in the case of above-ground pools wooden decks are appropriate.

Space available

Since pool decks are permanent installations, their placement needs to be done very carefully. All hindrances in the swimming pool area such as trees, fences, and sheds have to be noted.
For a pool deck, it is necessary to have enough space between the pool and any other obstacle in the yard. Moreover, the design should be such that the deck blends with the rest of the environment.

Safety Measures

To ensure safety and eliminate accidental drowning, safety fences can be installed. Railings are also good options as they add to the elegant look of the deck.


Depending on the type of look one desires, the color and style will vary. Darker wood gives the pool deck a luxuriant and elegant look, whereas light woods give a more casual appeal.

Pool Deck Design Ideas

The designs for in-ground and above-ground pool decks are different. In case of in-ground pools, stamped concrete decks are great if one's looking for a unique and aesthetic feel. Using a seamless texture called heavy stone, a vanishing edge can be given to the pool.
The above-ground design ideas are different because they eliminate the need to climb into the pool using lone ladders. For circular above-ground pools, circular decks encircling the pool can be built. Oval pools can have oval decks completely encircling them.
The shape of the pool deck will depend on the shape of the pool. These decks can turn out into great entertainment centers for family and friends. Then, there are deluxe or higher versions of these decks, which include an extended portion of the deck which allows extra room for setting up tables, chairs, and lounges.
If one does not wish to have the entire pool encircled by the deck, then, there is the 'easy-to-do-extension' version, which involves the construction of a side deck. The above-ground pool, will have the deck attached to itself at one corner alone.
The material used for above-ground decks are usually wood. Moreover, the deck can be designed in such a manner that the entire pool is enclosed in a canopy-like-structure for adding to the decorative look.
It is advisable to get professional assistance to design the deck, as they know how to make the most of the available space around the pool. Tables, chairs, lounges, recliners, etc., can be placed on the deck to make the deck even more appealing.