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Pool Cleaning Supplies

Rimlee Bhuyan Jul 7, 2019
If you have a swimming pool at home, then you need to clean it periodically to keep it healthy. To clean the swimming pool, you need some essential pool cleaning supplies.
When you have a swimming pool at home, it is essential it be cleaned periodically. This will ensure that the water in pool is free from dirt and debris and you are not at the risk of contracting infections and waterborne diseases. Although you can hire a professional pool cleaning firm for maintenance work, the services can be quite expensive.
If you follow a routine of periodic cleaning of the swimming pool yourself, it can save you money. Cleaning a pool is not very hard to do, once you have the right pool cleaning supplies. You can purchase pool cleaning supplies from home improvement stores or sports stores.
If you are not happy with the variety or quality of cleaning supplies in these stores, you can even purchase them online. But before you get all geared up to purchase these cleaning equipment, you should know which are the essential pool cleaning equipment or supplies that are needed to clean the pool thoroughly.

Essential Pool Cleaning Supplies

Pool cleaners are of two types; manual and automatic. Automatic pool cleaners helps to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool automatically and leave it completely clean.
Automatic pool cleaners are of three types, suction side automatic pool cleaner, pressure side automatic pool cleaner and robotic pool cleaners. Manual pool cleaners comes in a lot of varieties, each equipped to do a particular function.

Leaf Skimmer

A leaf skimmer is an important pool cleaning equipment that every household with a swimming pool should have. It is a very simple device that consists of a wire net or wire basket that is attached to a long handle.
It is used for fishing out leaves, sticks and other floating debris from the surface of the pool. Removing floating debris with the leaf skimmer ensures that the pool filter does not get clogged up. Invest in a leaf skimmer with a long handle so that you are able to remove floating debris from almost all areas of the pool.

Tile Brush

Another important pool cleaning supply to maintain the swimming pool is tile brush. It is a wooden block with bristles on one end for brushing the walls of the pool. This ensures that the pool walls are free of algae and moss deposition. You can also use it to scrub the pool floor to keep it clean and non slippery.

Manual Pool Vacuum

If you are not investing your money on an automatic pool cleaner then a manual pool vacuum is a must. A manual pool vacuum works on battery and vacuums the entire pool effectively in a matter of minutes.

Algae Brush

An algae brush has strong metal bristles that helps in removing any algae formation from the walls and the floor of the swimming pool. Since it has metallic bristles it is not suitable for tiled swimming pool, but it works very well on concrete swimming pools. Read about pool maintenance for dummies.
In addition to these you need to buy a water test kit to check the water alkalinity, so that you know if the water is safe to swim in. liquid chlorine is also another essential supply needed to treat cloudy water and to reduce the risk of skin and eye irritations. To keep your pool clean draw up a periodic cleaning routine and stick to it.