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Ponytail Palm Care

Saptakee Sengupta May 13, 2019
Ponytail palm is one of those beautiful houseplants that you can grow at your home. We have explained the important conditions necessary for growth of this plant and you can follow them accordingly. Have a look.
Ponytail palm is an ornamental plant which has derived its name due to its resemblance with a palm tree. They can be grown in pots or in soils.
They have a bulbous base and their leaves hang loose from top, rendering it a look of a ponytail tied on top of the head. It appears like a palm tree but it doesn't belong to the palm family. Ponytail palm tree belongs to the Lily family and its scientific name is Beaucarnea recurvata. Ponytail palm is commonly known as Elephant foot, Bottle palm and Monja.

Optimum Conditions Required

Ponytail palm could be grown either as an indoor houseplant or an outdoor plant. Although it doesn't require too much attention, you have to provide it the optimum conditions required for its growth. We explain them over here.
The ponytail palm is a unique houseplant and is very easy to grow. It is a drought resistant plant and is a native of Mexican desert. It can withstand temperatures above 10°C to 30°C. Bright sunlight to light shade is ideal for the growth of the plant.
The soil required for the plant can be a mixture of loam, sand and peat moss in the ratio 2:2:1 and must be well drained. Gravels are also mixed for maximum drainage. It requires little watering, as its trunk can store water. Do take care while watering the plant in winter. In winter, it should be watered only to prevent the plant from wilting and drying.
People eager to grow ponytail plant in their house must be patient, as they yield very less spurt annually. The plant can grow tall with a long stem of 2 feet, if you want to grow the plant in bottle and keep it indoors, then you shouldn't re-pot the plant every year, to maintain a moderate size. Ceramic and clay pots support best growth of ponytail palm.

How to Care for a Ponytail Palm?

Before planting any houseplant, it is always important to know the correct methods for taking care of the plants. To enhance the beauty of your house with ponytail palm, read the following simple methods about ponytail palm care.
  • Pot the plant and place it in sunshine. Ensure that the temperature doesn't exceed 55°C. If you wanna keep it indoor, then let adequate sunlight fall on it. So, better place it near the window.
  • Since, the plant requires very less water, you can water it in every 7 to 14 days when the soil becomes dry. Too much water damages the roots and decays the plant. The stem should be dried at least 1- 2 inches from bottom before you water again.
  • Lack of water also makes the lower part of the foliage yellow or brown. These are signs of premature wilting and adequate watering must be done immediately.
  • The soil must allow maximum drainage, so that water doesn't stagnate inside the pot.
  • If you want the maximum height of the plant, just re-pot every two years in larger pots or else continue the plant in the same pot.
  • Ponytail plants are often attacked by bugs and mites. In case these insects are found on the plant, spray some soapy water with Ivory or Dawn dish until they disappear.
If you have avid interest in decorating your indoor landscape with tropical look, then ponytail palm plant is the right choice. Follow the instructions provided in the aforementioned content for healthy propagation of the tree.