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Pond Liner Repair

Pond Liner Repair

Pond liners add a beautiful touch to the pond and makes it look more distinct. They also increase the durability of your garden pond. Repairing these liners can be a difficult job if not done with proper care.
Gardenerdy Staff
Garden ponds add a touch of glamor to your landscape designs. Building a garden pond is the best solution to decorate the outdoors with a unique touch of your own. The beauty of the pond is enhanced more when it is installed with a quality pond liner. These liners help you to increase the life of the pond and also save water leakage, if any. Besides providing this basic function, pond liners also help plants grow in their natural habitat. They are also beneficial for the lives of the fish and other animals that live near the pond, including frogs, butterflies, and several insects. There is a small problem regarding some pond liners, they deteriorate over the years.

There are various types of pond liners available in the market, each having its own characteristics. Pond liners are actually very low on the pocket if they are maintained with proper care. Repair is an easy job when you have mastered how to repair a liner. The two most famous types of pond liners are flexible and rigid liners. Flexible liners are made up of strong and flexible materials, like plastic, that can last for almost 20 to 25 years. These liners come with special UV protection that increases their durability. Still, there comes a time when repairs are needed.

For small repairs that take less time and effort, you can always use repair tapes. These tapes are specially designed to repair the smallest of tears and holes that are visible over the pond liner. You can always use single sided pond liner tapes (6-inch tape), for the same. Before starting, make sure that you have removed all the water and the rough materials from the pond. Clean up the liner using naphtha or such cleaners. Apply the tape on the affected area by giving even pressure on all sides of the tape.

Plastic Pond Liner Repairs

  • Black water tank (holding tank)
  • Quality primer
  • Patch material
  • Glue
  • Remove all the fish as well as the plants from the pond and place them in the black water tank. Drain out the water from the pond and make sure that the pond liner is dry, before you begin the procedure.
  • Clean up all the algae and such from the surface of the liner. Never pull the liner out of the pond as it might create problems on its reinstatement.
  • Apply primer on the affected area. Before applying the glue, make sure that the primer has totally dried off. When the glue is partly dry, stick the patch material over it and press until it has attached firmly to the glued surface.
  • Let the liner stand for at least 6 hours before the follow-up of the damaged area. If there are more signs of the damage, then you will have to repeat the whole procedure all over again.
Putting back water and the plantation in the pond is a relatively easy job once you learn how to repair the pond liner. Pond liners are durable when they are maintained from time to time. If proper repair is done, the beauty of your water garden is assured!