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How to Plant Seedlings

Saptakee Sengupta Jun 30, 2019
Seeds require proper nourishment and care in order to grow into a healthy plant. Read on to get a complete know-how about planting seedlings.
Germination of seed is a natural process that follows growth of plants. Although it's a natural process, growing seedlings indoor or outdoor require optimum natural conditions that enhance healthy development of plants.
Plantation of young plants can be an indoor as well an outdoor process. Indoor planting allows gardeners to grow fruits, houseplants flowers, and vegetables not native to that geographical location and need particular climate for growth. While there are some varieties that are acclimatized to outdoor conditions only.


Along with a proper water supply, there should be enough space inside your house to place the pots and containers for growing plants. Here are a few genuine guidelines for the same.
✦ You should know the approximate time at which the seeds you bought, are expected to germinate. Some plants need early spring, while some might require winter or summer. Weather and climatic conditions are essential for their growth.
✦ Determine the number you are going to plant and accordingly choose the container. There should be a drainage system along with the pots.
✦ To prevent diseases, plant in sterile boxes. Sprinkle vermiculite and cover them with a light colored material. After doing this, read the instructions on the seed pack and plant them to the exact depth for optimal germination.
✦ Water gently or sprinkle from top. Dribbling water also helps in uniform distribution. To retain moisture, wrap a plastic bag around the seedlings.
✦ Check the temperature required for growth. Warm temperature (70 to 85°F) or cool (50 to 65°F) is ideal during initial stages. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or extreme winters.

✦ Observe them daily. Check if they need water. Adjust the light and temperature.


There are some varieties that survive best in outdoor conditions, such as perennials or annual plants. Outdoor planting requires preparation of soil for maximum growth.
✦ Once again, the first thing to consider is the time. Read the instructions on the package of seeds and plant under favorable climatic conditions.
✦ Prepare the soil particular to the plant variety. Seedlings normally require loose, crumbled soil plowed with compost. The soil must be prepared to hold water.
✦ Now, sow the seeds into the soil. Maintain the depth as instructed on the package. Keep the soil moist until they germinate to the surface of the soil.
✦ Once it has attained some height, just pinch or snip the top parts for enhancing growth. Check if the plant is exposed adequately to sunlight and it is free from any disease. You can also add organic mulch for enriching its quality.
✦ Once they have grown completely, you can trim the plants for increasing their productivity and longevity.