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Tips for Planting Hydrangeas

Niharika Arya Jun 9, 2019
Hydrangea plant can grow well in partial shade or soft sunlight, hence, it should be planted in fall or late spring. Get more tips on planting Hydrangeas to get a colorful garden throughout the season.
Hydrangeas have almost 70 to 75 species, which includes shrubs, small trees and lianas. They are natives of North America, South America, Southern and Eastern Asia, and are mostly planted in the spring season.
While planting hydrangeas, you need to decide about the location very carefully. Once grown properly, they are able to stand for years providing blossom every year.

Tips to Plant Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas is one of the most popular flowering plant in the world. They are known for their beautiful pink, blue, white and purple flowers, which blossom for their entire flowering season.
So, hydrangeas can give your garden more beautiful and lively look. Here are a few tips which will help you to plant hydrangeas on your own, by keeping just few things in mind.

Right Time

You can purchase hydrangea plants any time from a nursery, but to get a healthy plant, you need to plant them at a particular time. They can be planted during the early spring, but planting them in the fall or in the late spring will give you better results.
Avoid planting them in the mid summer as they may not be able to bear the hot climate.


Location plays a very important role in the proper growth of hydrangeas. They require partial shade or can grow well in soft sunlight. Hence, the morning sun is good for them.
Try to find a place where there is shade in the afternoon. Intense sunlight may harm their growth and may affect their blossom. Apart from this, even excess shade may hinder their growth. You need to check the pH level of the soil too.
If soil is acidic then despite planting a pink hydrangeas, you will get blue flowers. If the soil is low acidic, blue flower may turn to pink. If you want a particular color, then keep the pH level of the soil in mind before planting any hydrangea.
The hydrangea tree can grow up to a height of 4 feet, hence, if you are planning to plant a tree, then the height should not be a problem for your garden.

Steps to Follow

Once you have decided the location and the season, whether you plant hydrangea bushes or hydrangeas in pots, you need to follow the same planting procedure.
  • Dig the place where you have decided to place the plant. Make the soil loose and add compost. The place should be 2 times deeper than the roots of the plant.
  • Remove the plant from its cover and loosen its soil stuck in and around its roots.
  • Place the plant inside the soil and then pour the ground soil back into the hole and gently pack it.
  • Water it properly and make the soil properly moist. Do not pour excess water as it may lead to rotten roots. Take care of the plant and maintain proper sunlight and water supply.
Keep hydrangea care in mind and you will get blossom as expected. Prune the plant each year and keep proper water supply. Your garden will be a sight to see.