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How to Build a Brick Oven

Kashmira Lad Nov 3, 2018
Have you always wanted to prepare food in a traditional brick oven? Here are some basic guidelines that will help you build one at home.
You must have visited restaurants using authentic brick ovens.
A brick oven is the most preferred for the unique taste it lends to the food. It's baking chamber is made of bricks, concrete, clay.
Brick ovens were very commonly used since the olden days. In the recent times, there have been new developments in such ovens, leading to variations in their structure and design.
During the olden days, visiting a restaurant that made use of brick ovens was meant only for the privileged few. 
Today however, many choose to construct brick ovens in their own backyard. This makes it easier to savor food that has a unique flavor. If you are on the lookout for plans to build a brick oven, you can take a look at the guidelines given here.

Steps and Guidelines

To begin with, you need to understand what brick building is all about. The steps need to be followed to ensure that you have a design that is based on the correct calculations. You need to have a sound knowledge of building a brick oven to successfully make one. Allow us to help you.
Firstly, choose an appropriate location for the brick oven. It should be a clutter-free area. You must choose a space that does not have any overhanging branches or objects that can catch fire. Before building the brick oven, you need to dig a few feet into the ground.
You also need to decide the kind of materials to be used for the brick oven. Apart from brick, you need specific materials to prepare the base of the oven. You can opt for concrete for the base. Concrete is not only durable, but is also available at a lower price. The base needs to be built firmly to make this structure as strong as possible.
Once you begin constructing the oven hearth, you need to decide the material to be used. Firebrick is used more often as it is easily available. There are also other materials available that help to improve the efficiency of the oven. You can even use cardboard to mark the dimensions of the brick oven so that you can get a rough idea of the design.
After this, you need to plan the baking chamber and vault of the brick oven. The interiors act as the actual brick chamber and the outer layer is one that is meant primarily for safety.
Follow this basic procedure and you will soon have your very own brick oven in the backyard.
Firstly, build a base for the oven. You can start with a concrete base, and then make a brick layer on top of it. You can use firebricks for the second layer of bricks. Do fill the gaps with cement.
The next step is to build the walls. Don't forget to keep the front side open, as we will be placing the door here. Even the walls will have two layers of brick; you can use fire bricks for the inner layer.
Before constructing the top, we need to build a support structure. You can use iron rods to serve this purpose. Use cement and sand to fix these properly over the walls.
Now that the support structure is done, you can make the roof using bricks. Make 2-3 layers. To ensure no air gaps, fill them with cement and place the next layer of bricks over these.
The last step is the door. The door should be thick and is usually made of wood.
This is the basic method, and you can modify it to suit your requirements. Once you have finished with the overall construction, you need to allow it to set for a week.
After a week, begin with a small fire, and let it burn gradually. If possible, you can even install thermometers that can help you to monitor the temperature. Have fun cooking in your new brick oven!