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Picket Fence Ideas

Elegant Picket Fence Ideas to Give Your Home a Look of Sheer Class

Before looking at these ideas for picket fence designs, get rid of the notion that it can only be used in white color. Leaf through this article to know how you can decorate your fence differently.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Picket fences have a very traditional suburban feel. While they look beautiful, a lot of people have become tired of them and moved on to different styles. However, the white picket fence is a classic and will always be cherished by those who associate it with the wonderful childhood they have spent in their yards. If you think it is a little too ancient for your taste, or that it is too plain to stand out as a design element for your home, you can definitely modify it, so that it retains its identity and still has a modern and more decorative feel to it. Picket fences are so versatile, that they can easily be decorated and designed to look different. Just by adding a few unique elements, they can be given a makeover, which in turn will give your home a distinct and stylish look. Here are some great design ideas that you can choose from and have your home exterior look just perfect.
From Post to Pillar
Traditional ones have the regular number of pickets with a post that is usually taller than the pickets for a visual break. How about using a pillar for a break instead of a plain post. With reference to one of the pictures above, you can see that a stone pillar has been constructed to create a break between the fence. Top this pillar with a decorative pot or figurine, and you have yourself a wonderful design. If you find the contrast too stark between the white picket fence and the earthy stone, you can easily paint over the fence to give it a color you think suits the exterior of your house and the pillar. A wood stain would look simply gorgeous for a rustic look.
Color Me Pretty
Who said it is supposed to be only white and boring? As you can see in the picture above, it has been painted in a multitude of colors and is like a breath of fresh air in comparison to the plain white. If the selection of colors is too bold for you, you can try painting it in one bright color of your choice. In combination with the lawn and the exterior of your house, paint it a sunny yellow, a bright orange, or a light blue. If you have a plain white exterior, then the multicolored type will actually look beautiful.
A Floral Touch
Vines across a picket fence look simply gorgeous and they don't take away the uniqueness of the fence. Use the fence as a support for vines, trellises, climbers, and other such plants to add a natural dash of color. Alternately, you could flank it with hedges and flower beds on either side to give it a fresh look and retain the originality of the fence. Finally, if you want to go beyond the flowers and attempt something new, try surrounding it with small rocks or pebbles in natural colors. Add to it a patch of sand in a crevice on the ground and you will have a very beach like look around your home!
A Fence Atop Another
They can be used in smaller sizes just for that warm touch they bring. It is isn't necessary to have the entire height of the fence to be one. Instead, use a stone base and place a picket fence atop it, just like in the picture shown above. Not only does the stone make a difference to the overall appearance, it also provides some amount of privacy to the space which a full-fledged picket fence does not. If you would like to go extra mile, you can try and have some beautiful carvings done on the stone for a classic look, and again, paint the fence in a warm, earthy tone.
While these were just a few ideas, there are so many more you can attempt by inspiring from these. Some people have gone as far as doing graffiti on their picket fences!