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Picket Fence Designs You Will Love

Mamta Mule Dec 5, 2018
Here are some ideas on picket fence designs which you can consider adding to your plan to have great looking exteriors.
A picket fence is a type of fence that is commonly used in homes. This type of fence is made of upright stakes or poles which lie parallel to each other, in a line forming a complete border fence. These stakes are also known as pickets.
The pickets that stay parallel are connected using two horizontal supports, which are parallel to each other. There are supporting posts at certain intervals in the entire length of boundary fencing.
You can choose a great-looking fence to give a well-defined look to the exterior of your house. Here are some options in picket fence designs that you can use.

Picket Fence Styles

The basic design has same-sized pickets for the entire length of the yard. You can have alternate pickets in lower levels than the rest of the pickets. This will form a great looking pattern. For your garden, you can have the pickets arranged in a manner such that the fence line forms a concave top shape between two posts.
Similarly, you can choose variable-sized pickets and arrange them in a way to form convex shaped fence lines between two posts. The arched picket top shape between two posts is very popular and looks classy. Alternating design patterns between every two posts is also a great idea.
Another idea is to add cross slat bars instead of the horizontal slats used for supporting the pickets. This design is commonly used for the entrance gates. You can also add a diagonal slat between two posts to enhance the beauty of the fence.
While the top edge of each picket is usually straight, you can have it in one of the designer patterns and add spice to the simple fence. You can have these in an inverted 'V' shape so that the edge is pointed or in a diamond shape. Curved, semi-circle, or other designer shapes can also be considered.
Apart from the pickets, you can spruce up the fence using designer posts. While simple block posts are common, consider adding decorative tops to these posts. You can find a number of designs in the catalog available with the manufacturer or the professionals installing these.
Apart from the designing, coloring it or simply staining the wood can create a great looking boundary line. White is the most popularly used color for picket fences.


This style of fence is usually made from wood. Plastic is rarely used. You might have also seen steel and wrought iron pickets. You can either build it yourself or hire a professional for getting it installed.
To build the fence, you can either get individual pickets, horizontal support slats and posts, or you can also buy pre-milled fence sections which are easier to install. These types of ready garden fencing panels are quite popular for DIY projects.
You can opt for any of the aforementioned designs. Make sure you do not add jazzy colors. Stick to white or a natural wood finish. Also, check the available options in gate patterns complimenting the border fence.