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Perennial Purple Flowers You Never Knew About

Charlie S Nov 28, 2018
A perennial purple flower garden looks very good and attracts a lot of attention. Here are more information about some types of these flowers, and how they will look in your garden.
You can enjoy vibrant flowers in your garden throughout the year, which are quite easy to maintain and nurture. You should remember that though you can plant perennial plants randomly, planting them in separate beds will give a good visual effect.
You should be aware of the various landscaping techniques, which will make your job of designing your garden easy.
Have a good theme for your garden to execute the plans as decided. Initially, you should try and have a simple type of garden, but with experience, you can move towards the complicated types.
Roses and lavenders are generally included in the scented flower garden type. Note that the perennial flower beds are generally ten feet wide for designing purposes.
Selecting perennial flowers for your garden should be done only after considering the prevailing conditions like temperature, soil type and availability of sunlight and water, to ensure that your plants grow well. Select flowers based on height, blooming time span and colors.
A perennial purple flower garden will definitely fetch you a lot of appreciation for your creative work. Here are some flowers which you can plant to improve the look of your garden.

Names of Perennial Purple Flowers

The Delphinium is a flower which is famous for its striking looks and is available in many varieties. The height of this flowering plant is good and it is planted alone or in a place which is behind the annual flowering plants.
Salvia is another type, which has a height that is lesser than the Delphinium plants.
The Veronica flower is soft at the tips and has an elongated cone. The flowering period of this flower is sometimes less than the other flowers.
The Butterfly Bush, as the name suggests, attracts butterflies and is a decent-looking flower. It has a long blooming period as compared to the other perennial purple flowers, and has a prominent and important place in a flower garden.
Catmint is another one which you can consider giving a place in your flower garden for the simple reason that apart from being beautiful, it requires very little water to survive and to add to this, it has a long blooming time.
The Coneflower, which is also purple in color, should be planted at a place which receives good sunlight, as it is very essential for its good growth. This flower is used as a medicinal herb. It is three feet tall and attracts butterflies and bees.

Some More Names

  • Lavender
  • Pansy
  • Liatris
  • Aster
  • Clematis
  • Dianthus
  • New England Aster
  • Grecian windflower
Flowers symbolize peace and beauty. Having these perennial purple flowers is a visual treat for all those who visit your garden.