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A Definitive Guide to Taking Excellent Care of Peperomia Plants

Peperomia Care
Peperomia is the perfect house plant as it possesses an ornamental essence to deliver. Their variegated foliage is indeed, a visual treat. Peperomia care regimen respects your time but requires attention. Reading about this plant will tempt you to bring one home ... you never know!
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Are you a plant lover? Does the sweet flavor of flowers and verdant sod enchant you with a thorough idiosyncrasy? If you agree with words that I have just pronounced on paper then, this piece is craving for a read from you. Here is a description about a plant that is blessed with foliage that has hues to flaunt and flowers that flourish with ethereal effervescence.
The peperomia has its roots buried deep in the global tropics and subtropics. A genus of the epiphytic plant, this houseplant is well-suited for all those who wish to adorn their house with greener pastures! The flowers that peperomia acquires are high on visual appeal. With distinction and a unique demeanor, the peperomia qualifies to be an ornamental plant. If the care regimen for the plant brings in the jitters, rest assured there is nothing to worry about. The peperomia care, indeed, will not get on your nerves!
What Does the Peperomia Plant Look Like?
Peperomia plants take their own time to grow. They are sun sensitive and thrive in an environment that is laden with natural light source invited indoors. The most intriguing feat that the peperomia performs is to prosper in different shades of indoor lighting. They are comfortable in deep shades as well, which make them the ideal choice to uplift your home panorama or sustain the office decor. Indeed, a light-lover to the core!
.. And Leaves
Leaves are waxy, stiff and succulent. They could be variegated, rigid, smooth or winkled in their appearance. There are more than a thousand species of peperomia plant.
.. And Flowers
They, in the actual, have flowers, but of a negligible size. They are extremely tiny, hanging at the end of the long, thin stems. The flowers are a color of groovy green cocooned in the variegated foliage.
Handpick the Peperomia Plant - You Have a Choice!
There are three types of peperomia plant you could choose to adorn your house with.
Upright Peperomia
This type of peperomia plant ranges between 5 to 8 inches. They have chiseled thick stems. The peperomia magnoliaefolia variegata is the most popular among the group. They are bottle green in color and are an attractive sight to behold. It has whorled leaves and tropical aura, thus making it a unique piece to possess.
Bushy Peperomia
The bushy peperomia is where the peperomia obtusifolia belongs. This type of peperomia navigates 4 to 8 inches in height with plenty of leaf shapes to rave about. The peperomia caperata are the most widely found adorning homes. Peperomia argyreia is one of the species that has an uncanny resemblance to the watermelon. Wonder how that combination came into the picture! Well, that is nature, amalgamative from within!
Trailing Peperomia
The trailing peperomia is, in the actual a trailer, a creeper of sorts that can be adorned on the office window to deliver a feeling of warmth. There is a variety called the Peperomia rotundifolia. This type has small and circular shaped fleshy green leaves that are solid green. Peperomia prostrata is blessed with an interesting design and that is with leaves having silver or cream marks. It seems as though the stars have found refuge in these greens.
How to Care for Peperomia
On the care front, all I have to say is they are plants that take the middle path. You don't need to arrange for pampering sessions every single day, nor you can leave them on their own, to find them thriving on neglect!
  • Peperomia plant care involves you to place them in an area that is devoid of direct sunlight.
  • Peperomia care is convenience personified as they have no troubles in heat-y temperatures and are strong enough to thrive in the normal indoor temperatures.
  • They are not very comfortable changing quarters! Yes, re-potting them often is an activity, not appreciated by them. You could re-pot them once or twice, if need be.
  • If you consider re-potting them, the peperomia plant care would demand a soil that is rich in peat moss, in order to facilitate good drainage.
  • They are plants that personify longevity as well. They live for long, which is why house owners love to grow them. Attachment with the plant can be encouraged, now!
  • Keep the peperomia obtusifolia away from snails and diseases by getting rid of weeds and other growth inhibitors.
So, you now know the care regime for peperomia. However, the regimen is incomplete without your loving touch. So, try and caress the foliage once in a while. The growth they offer, indeed, ... is phenomenal!
Peperomia in pot
Peperomia flower
Peperomia on wooden background