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Patio Paver Ideas

Bidisha Mukherjee May 10, 2019
Paved patios add a touch of glamor, charm, and vibrancy to outdoor living spaces. Here are some good patio paver ideas that you can use.
People prefer paved patios because of so many advantages associated with them. They can be easily installed and are resistant towards weather elements. Their cleaning and maintenance does not require any special efforts. Most importantly, they are available in such a varied range of shapes and colors that, there is wide scope for you to be experimental.
While selecting any patio paver designs, you must keep a few things in mind. As it is a part of your landscape, the design must have an impact on the entire landscape. It should also coordinate well with the exterior walls of the house. Given next are some interesting ideas that you can use.

Interesting Patio Ideas

  • Typical Andalusian Patio
  • Beautiful Garden
  • Different Design on Patio
  • Exterior Patio
  • Lit Backyard
  • Modern House
  • Stairs in the Backyard
  • Patio with Deck And Jacuzzi
  • Patio with Fireplace
  • Pool and Patio
  • Star Shape in Patio
  • Paved Driveway
  • Patio with Table and Umbrella
  • Stone Walkway
  • Patio with Table and Chairs
  • Walking Path in Garden

Unique Shapes

Most of the time, you will find that patios are either square or rectangular in shape. If you do not want to stick to this traditional look, then feel free to experiment with the shape of the patio.
Circular shaped patios are quite popular these days. You may find shapes, like oval, hexagon, octagon or pyramid, very interesting. If your yard is spacious, then you can make two patio areas of different shapes.

Different Colors

You can get concrete paver of various colors such as gray, red, sandy brown, black, and so on. Red and black is one such color combination which, when laid uniformly looks very attractive.
Mix and match two or more different colors of pavers and lay them randomly to get a colorful look. Another idea is to keep one color as the base and use two or more shades to create accents on the patio.


A simple way of enhancing the look of the patio is to create a border surrounding the patio. You can arrange two rows of tiles along the edges of the patio to make this border prominent. The color of it can be the same as that of the rest of the patio.
Or else, you can use two different shades of the same color for the border and main part of the patio. For a more contrast look, use two altogether different colors for the border and main area. Just make sure that they blend well with each other.


Beautiful patterns of various shapes and sizes can be created with the help of pavers of different colors. A big circle at the center of the patio and smaller circles at its corners is one of the most simple and commonly used design, but, due to its versatility it looks beautiful.
Similarly, intricate designs, symbols, or logos can be made on the patio as per the look and décor of the exteriors of the house.

Lay the Pavers Differently

Usually, pavers are laid end to end in a systematic manner. Lay them in an irregular order to make it a bit haphazard which actually looks nice. Basket weave layout is also quite interesting.
Lay two consecutive pavers one after the other in the same manner but put the third one perpendicular to the previous two. Laying them at an angle of 90 degrees to one another will create a herringbone pattern.

Plant Decorations

Keep open spaces for planters along the border of the patio. Sink planter boxes into the gaps to give a unique design to the patio. The shape of the planter box should be as per the shape of your patio.
That means for a rectangular shaped patio, rectangular planter boxes are suitable. The size of the box must fit well in this gap. If the space allotted is bigger than the planter box then cover it using pebbles or sand.
With the help of these simple ideas, you can build a paver patio on your own. Use your imagination to come up with more creative ideas. The designs discussed here can be used on small patios as well as large ones.