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Patio Ideas for Small Backyards

Patio Ideas for Small Backyards
Patios can be made just about anywhere there is space! Find some great patio ideas for small backyards mentioned here.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018
Modern Patio Garden Lounge
Patios are a beautiful concept of building an outdoor sitting arrangement, which can be as luxurious as the insides of the house. There are millions of ideas which people use to beautify the space in their backyards, which is usually never used other than for barbecues.
Garden Patio
People who have smaller backyards assume that they cannot do much with it owing to the limited space. But, patios look the best when they are built in cozy areas with concrete tiles and luscious green lawns. You can also make use of garden for small backyards, to give it a beautiful look in the form of a patio.
Patio Design Ideas
Garden patio
When you think of a small backyard in your home, it is obvious to run out of ideas on how to design it. Some like to make a tiny garden out of it so that there are ornamental plants along with a small lawn.
But making a garden would take lots of time, money, space, and efforts than building a patio with furniture and potted plants to decorate it. There are many designs to recreate attractive patios for small spaces, which will make your home look cozy.
Landscaped Back Yard Patio Garden
There are also a number of shapes and sizes that can be used to incorporate these economical and smart patios within a limited space. Thus, if you are waiting to find out what these patio ideas could be, read on and find out.
Water Additions
Garden Decking
One of the most elegant addition to a small backyard is to build a patio with a fountain or a pond in it. There is no requirement of building large water bodies, but a simple vertical fountain, surrounded with brick designs and potted plants, like palms.
Backyard Pond and Fountain
Use concrete tiles to give it a more natural look, and add bamboo furniture for the seating (a cane swing looks lovely). You can also use different styles of patio umbrellas for relaxing purposes. This way, your small backyard wouldn't look small anymore, and still get a very unique, natural, and cozy feel to it.
Shady Patios
Beautiful Garden With Table
If you want a garden in your small backyard, you can simply have the best made in the smallest of spaces.
Backyard Deck
There are many ideas for small gardens where you can first lay the floor of the patio with either stone or concentrate tiles, and then build a 2-3 feet tall deck around it. This will not only personalize the space, but make it useful for placing a fire pit too.
Summer Garden Arbour
To create a shady surrounding in your backyard patio, you can either plant fast-growing colorful perennials (takes longer), or keep potted palms around the area. Add a wooden privacy fence and grow a few creepers on it.
Stone Patios
Dog in Small garden
If you want to have a lovely looking stone landscape in your backyard, all you have to do is build it! The beauty of having stone patios in small backyards is that even though the space is limited, you can create an absolute natural environment around it.
patio garden
Using stone tiles for designing is the best thing to do, as it will contribute to the effect. You can build a half-sized wall to make an enclosure, where your furniture or fire pit can be seated. With the help of some beautiful perennials, you can definitely make the whole backyard look like a beautiful interior of woods.
Luxurious Patio With Barbecue And Sink
With these great ideas, you can surely guess that you do not need a huge sea-facing mansion to build a royal and luxurious patio. Just a simple home with a backyard and a good idea to beautify it, are more than enough to have a luxurious backyard patio.