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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Patio Furniture Covers

Neil Valentine D'Silva Jan 9, 2019
Patio furniture covers are an absolute necessity if you are not too keen on changing your patio furniture every two years. Read ahead to know more.
Do you boast or feel that you have the best patio furniture in the neighborhood? If yes, then you surely must have paid a good sum to get that furniture. It is not cheap, as we all know. But what about ensuring its longevity? It is certainly among the most punished furniture around in the house, and you will need to give it all the protection that you can.
Patio furniture covers are especially designed for each piece of the furniture. Typically, the furniture in your patio will include a coffee table, chairs, sofas, an Adirondack chair, a chaise, or any other comfort chair, a parasol, and a barbecue grill! No patio is complete without it nowadays.
Whatever the kind of furniture you may have out there, you will find covers to drape them all, even the grill. The covers are top to bottom drapes that you can put over the furniture and either zip or tie them at the bottom with a drawstring. If the covers fit snugly, then there is no need to fasten the covers down too; you can keep them loose.

Buying Tips

Visit a local store

You can get covers at any local store dealing in household items, or ask your furniture maker where to get some good covers. Internet is somewhere you can search too, but it is better to select a local provider for many reasons. One, you could visit their office if anything goes wrong. Two, you will need covers that are customized to the size of furniture.

Customize your covers

This is one area where just buying off the rack will not be the ideal solution. You may want someone to come over and take measurements of your furniture. Local manufacturers can send someone and then design the covers for your furniture according to your needs. Customized covers will definitely look better and also protect your furniture in a better way.

Opt for prints and different colors

Though these covers are designed mainly for the purpose of protecting your outdoor furniture, that does not mean they should not have any aesthetic value of their own. Today, many manufacturers are providing a range of colors from which you can make a choice.
The colors are nature-friendly so that they look good in the patio. You can also opt for prints or any other design that suits your taste. In fact, some of these covers may also have embroidery patterns. They give your furniture a very unique appeal.

Ensure its durability

However, when you are buying covers for your patio furniture, their external appearance and beauty should not be your entire and main parameter for choice. Look for durability. Synthetic materials are good for keeping out the climatic upheavals from affecting your furniture.

Choose lightweight covers

You must also make sure that the covers are light in weight so that it is easy to put them on and remove them easily. Ideally, they should be both waterproof and heat-resistant. If you are not sure, ask the seller.

Go for vinyl covers

It is better to opt for vinyl covers for your outdoor furniture. They are made to fit any common furniture and grill sizes. They are water-proof and protect the furniture set against UV rays. Go for covers that may be at least 7 mm thick. Moreover, they require less maintenance.

Why Do You Need Patio Furniture Covers?

There are several reasons why you need to cover your patio furniture up. We all know that the furniture is out there in the open, braving the climatic extremes. Too much sun can cause material such as wood to splinter.
Even if you have a furniture made of wrought iron, the sun can wear away the paint on it and cause it to rust further. If it rains and your patio furniture gets wet, then you can bid adieu to it if it is made of wood. Nothing made of wood can survive a thorough drenching. The same applies for snowfall.
Think about the birds that will be visiting your patio. It will be a big chore to clean out the bird droppings every time you feel like using your furniture outside. Protecting your patio furniture with covers would solve all these problems.
In addition to keeping your expensive patio furniture looking great and new always, the covers are worth the effort and money because they reduce the need to clean pollen, dust, and bird droppings off your furniture.