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Patio Doors with Built-in Blinds

Scholasticus K Sep 23, 2018
Home decoration experts have come up with an excellent interior decoration technique of installing patio doors with built-in blinds. They not only make your homes look attractive, but also prevent the rooms from heating up. They are currently gaining widespread popularity in the market.
With the summer setting in, sun's rays start glaring into our homes through every possible transparent and translucent pieces of glass. The biggest drawback of sun's rays is that they tend to drastically heat up the rooms and the house. As a result, the heat builds up and makes you extremely uncomfortable, in spite of powerful air conditioners.
This phenomenon becomes especially uncomfortable if you have a patio and a door leading to it. The sun's rays invade a cool room at an accelerated rate and charge up the entire room with heat. This heat further increases if the patio is made up of stone.

Sliding Patio Doors

It has become a common convention among home owners to have decorated patios just outside their homes.
These are very delightful spaces, and there is no other corner in the house that is more inviting during some silent evenings.Apart from this practical convenience, patios just outside bedrooms or living rooms have also become extremely fashionable.
Sliding doors with patios is an up coming convention. You will find that many such houses have an aluminum sliding door that leads out to the patio. They have frames that are made of metal and the remaining part is glass. The most logical solution to prevent the infiltration of sun's rays is to use fabric or metallic window blinds.
However, such blinds are not exactly foolproof and often lead to the room heating up. Another solution is the use of shaded glass that prevents the entry of sun's rays. But, the best solution is to use doors with built-in blinds which are made up of fiber and are attached with the help of small locks directly onto it.
Such blinds basically prevent the penetration of light and heat into the room. Another similar design is where fabric is fitted right onto the glass. In tropical counties, many people have ingeniously designed organic ones that can be kept a bit moist by a small water system.
Though this system sounds very complex and unrealistic, it is a catch, and keeps the room cool. Some patio doors also have blinds that are made up of metal and are permanently attached to the door. However, they do not prove to be helpful as they tend to conduct the heat into the room.

French Patio Doors

The French doors that lead up to the patio are often made up of wood and in many cases, have only the upper half as glass.
This construction is often used to gain more privacy, though practically speaking, it also acts as an insulation against heat. French patio doors often have long built-in blinds that are attached to the door with the help of a small set of locks.
In tropical countries, some ingenious minds have also designed those that are made of coconut, fiber, and jute. These materials are natural coolants and play a highly instrumental role in the prevention of over heating.
If you are planning upon installing them, then we would really recommend those made with fiber and jute. Both the substances are natural heat insulators and are extremely economical. In fact, if you set your mind to it, you can also make them at home.