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Your Guide to Choosing Patio Door Curtains

Mayuri Kulkarni Dec 3, 2018
Choosing the right curtains for your patio door can be a daunting task. To know more about patio door curtains and how to choose one, read the examples given here.
Patio doors are basically transparent door frames that can be installed in any part of a house. These are wonderful frames that allow you to view the beautiful landscapes outside your house. Patio doors are usually installed in living rooms and they allow easy passage to a garden.
One more important functionality of patio doors is they allow abundant amount of sunlight to enter into a room. Since these doors are see through, it is necessary that they are covered with drapes or curtains, so as to achieve privacy and block natural light when required.
Installing curtains is an inexpensive way to cover the patio doors. They come in large variety and you can select them depending upon your requirements and the style of the patio door. Given is a brief discussion on patio door curtains in various patterns.

How to Choose Patio Door Curtains

Before you actually select the patio door curtains, you need to keep in mind myriad of things. The first and foremost thing is easy access to the patio door when curtains are installed. Sometimes it may happen that wrong choice of curtains can cause difficulty in opening and closing of the patio door.
Moreover, the length of the curtains should be appropriate so that they do not get stuck in the door gaps. The purpose for installing the curtains is one more important factor that must be considered. Some people may install patio door curtains for privacy and for prohibiting the sunlight, while others may install them for mere decorative purposes.
Few homeowners like to have the curtains for serving both the purposes. The fabric and the style of patio door curtain should blend well with the other interior decoration of the room, so that you can get an overall elegant interior design. Now, let us take a look at some ideas on curtains for patio doors.

Patio Door Curtain Ideas

There are various curtain fabrics that can be used. These curtain fabrics can be installed in various ways to cover the patio door.
Insulated patio door curtains known as thermal curtains, are in vogue in these days. As their name says, they provide good insulation to the room by preserving the hot or cool temperature in the room. Almost 50% of the heat is either absorbed or released by glass patio doors, and hence it can help you to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter.
Pinch pleat curtains, valances, solid patterns, etc., are some of the varieties that can be used for insulated patio door curtains.
If you have a sliding patio door then it is necessary that you select curtains that will complement its functionality. Sliding patio doors have one fixed frame and other panels that move on the track. For such doors you can have an entire curtain or separate curtain for each panel.
Choosing correct sliding curtains is mandatory, because there are chances that the curtain fabrics get stuck between the panels while shutting or sliding out the panels.
Determine the functionality of your patio door curtain, choose the fabric and style of the curtain depending on your choice, take measurements of the patio door, cut the fabric according to the measurements and simply install the curtain on rods.
Some of the main drawbacks of patio door curtains are that the curtains might catch on the handles due to which the fabric can get damaged. The curtains sway to and fro when the patio door is opened, causing the dirt to enter inside the room.
To avoid these problems, the curtains should be installed a few inches away from the patio door and they should have an assembly to hold them towards the sides, when the patio door is opened. This information on patio door curtains will definitely prove useful to you.