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A Gardener’s Guide to Trimming Palm Trees

Ujwal Deshmukh Nov 28, 2018
Palm trees can definitely enhance the look of your garden, however, you need to trim them properly at the right time. Here are some instructions for trimming the tree.
The palm tree is a member of the Arecaceae family. More than 2000 species of palm are currently known, and these can be found in the regions with tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climates.
Due to its exotic appearance, it is often used for the purpose of landscaping. One of the characteristic features of this tree is its fan-shaped (palmate) or feather-shaped (pinnate) compound leaves. These are also referred to as fronds.

Rules for Trimming

Tree trimming is a necessary activity that not only enhances the tree's beauty, but also prevents certain diseases and crossing of branches. Here are some tips to ensure proper and safe trimming.
☛ Ensure that it's the right time to trim the tree. For instance, if you are about to trim a flowering tree, remember that most of these trees blossom, a year prior to blooming. Blooming would not be possible if the flower buds are trimmed off before this time.
In order to avoid this, trim the tree on the completion of 3 weeks of blooming. For some trees, trimming them at a dormant stage is suggested.
☛ The spot is also very important since trimming the tree at incorrect spots might harm it.

☛ While removing the dead, diseased, and unwanted portions of the tree, take care that you do not remove its healthy branches and leaves.

Procedure to Trim a Palm Tree

Materials Required

• Tree pruners for the actual trimming activity

• Gardening gloves

• A thick jacket and goggles for safety

Steps Involved

☛ Wear the protective gear and start with the process. Before moving on to the actual trimming, decide on the branches that you wish to cut.

☛ After deciding the branches, prune them by using both your hands. Palm trees have thick branches, so you need to apply some strength to cut them.

☛ Repeat the procedure, if you wish to remove some more branches.


☛ Spikes present on the tree are sharp and can cause a lot of pain if your body comes in contact with them. To avoid this, it is advised to completely protect your body with a thick jacket, safety goggles, and gloves.
☛ It is necessary to trim the lower branches of a young palm tree after every 5-6 months. Cutting the branches of an adult tree can be done once in a year, only when the lower branches start becoming yellow.
☛ Use pruners of the best quality.

☛ Regular and proper trimming ensures quick and healthy growth of the tree.

☛ Keeping the branches at a safe location after cutting them is also important. The reason behind this being the sharpness of the palm branches, which can hurt if someone walks over them.
Normally, these trees are easy to maintain and don't require frequent trimming. Nature has designed them in such as way, that they automatically shed their fronds. A well-trimmed palm tree will enhance the look of your house and make it attractive!