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Painting A Concrete Patio

Shashank Nakate Nov 3, 2018
The process of concrete patio painting is carried out in three steps: cleaning, painting, and sealing. In order to learn how to paint a concrete patio, one should follow the steps given here.
The patios, that we construct in our backyards, are often neglected in terms of basic decoration. If painted properly, they can lend a refreshing look to the house.
Most of them have a concrete surface or are covered with tiles. Painting them, along with activities like resurfacing, becomes necessary from the point of view of renovation. In the following paragraphs, you will find how to do so.

Concrete Patio Painting


Before starting off with the painting, the patio should be cleaned properly. The dirt present over the concrete surface should be washed. It can be done with the help of a hose pipe. After a thorough wash, it should be allowed to dry.
The remaining dirt can be removed with the help of a broom or vacuum pump. One can also clean the patio with a detergent. However, care should be taken while handling the detergent. Gloves should be used, as some detergents are strong and may harm your hands. The concrete should be scrubbed with the help of a stiff brush and detergent.

Assembling Materials

One should choose a paint for the patio suiting the background. A paint recommended for exterior painting or specially for outdoor concrete patios should be used. The materials needed are a roller with a long handle, tray, and the proper paint.


After pouring the paint in the tray, the roller should be properly dipped in it, and the first coat should be applied on the concrete surface. Care should be taken not to leave any empty spots. If necessary, a second coat may also be applied.

Creating Patterns

After the process of painting gets over, you can also create a pattern over the surface. For this, you'll need a sponge, water, and some paint. The sponge needs to be soaked in water and wrung out. The damp sponge should be left as it is for some time. It should then be dipped in the paint, and tapped on to the tray, in order to remove any excess paint.
After this, the sponge needs to be tapped on the concrete surface lightly, to create a random pattern of paint. It is done by moving the paint randomly across the surface. The paint should be then allowed to dry, and checked for empty spots afterwards. These spots should be filled later on.

Applying Sealant

The last step is to apply a sealant to the concrete surface. For this purpose, a roller should be used in a manner similar to that of the application of paint. The sealant provides extra protection to the patio by preventing the wear and tear of the surface.
Painting concrete patios is important from the point of view of renovation. You may arrange and plan for designing, decorating, your patio for a unique and customized look of your own creation.