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Outdoor Water Fountains

Kashmira Lad Feb 11, 2019
Turn your garden into a paradise with an outdoor water fountain. Its soothing sound is known to have a calming effect and also de-stress, apart from beautifying the surroundings.
Imagine waking up every day amidst greenery and listening to the sounds of the babbling brooks. Feel the cool breeze playing through your hair. If you dream a little more, you can actually have this scene in your own little backyard or outdoor space! Your garden can be the best place to relax and rejuvenate, and you don't really have to travel too far!
Although one goes through a lot of meticulous planning for well-manicured lawns, one factor that may be overlooked is an outdoor water fountain. Once placed in your garden, these are known to add immense joy by having a peaceful effect on the mind.
They whisk one away to a serene place with the sound of gurgling water and create a feeling of contentment. High on the list of 'Feng Shui' users, they are also known to displace negative energy.
Know how to accentuate your garden with the right fountains. Watch your green haven entice you into a completely different world. When fitted with a fountain, the entire garden gets a mesmerizing feel to it. You can even have a custom-made waterfall to suit your requirement.

Types of Outdoor Water Fountains

Water fountains come in a mind-boggling variety of shapes, sizes, and even functions. Fountains can range from the traditional kind to the modern variety and have proven to be a good value addition for your garden.
Ranging from birds, animal, and flowers, one can also find fairies, pixies, or human figurines, and can be made of carved granite, stone, copper, or lightweight material. If you plan to buy water fountains for your patio or garden, then sift through the choices given here.

Animal Fountains

All you animal lovers or lovers of nature can opt for animal fountains to adorn your garden. They are available in a variety of animal types, and the material used may vary. They can be customized to any size you want to suit the architecture of your garden.
However, this type is usually custom-ordered, which could get a bit expensive for you. These fountains are usually seen spitting water out of their mouths as depicted by the frog in the image used.

Bubbling Fountains

Bubbling fountains are probably the simplest designs that you might come across. If you own a flower garden, then there's no better place to keep it. All you will have to do is pump water with enough pressure to ensure bubbling over the top of a hole.
If you apply too much water pressure, the water will reach a height that isn't required, thus defeating the very purpose of owning a bubbling water fountain. These fountains basically allow water to fizz out, compared to animal fountains, thus giving rise to a very relaxing sound.

Urn Fountains

Urn fountains are usually shaped as large water basins or water jugs to be precise. In some cases, they come with an additional water tier.
It would be perfect to place them in a flower garden or near garden stones to create that Zen-like feel. They are made up of either cement, slate, or ceramic, and come in various earth colors to suit your surroundings.

Garden Fountains

The garden being our space to connect with nature, garden fountains allow us to completely recharge ourselves within the limits of our own home.
For those who have limited space, there are innovative ways available like the simple ones that can adorn the garden walls. The three-tiered outdoor garden fountain remains one of the most popular types, although some abstract designs are also making their presence felt and are available to suit all budgets.

Tiered Fountains

Tiered fountains have more than one level. They are larger than other fountains and will add a grand look to your yard if encircled by great surrounds. Some have two to three tiers, which is common, while some have up to six tiers.

Statuary Fountains

Among all fountain designs, the statuary fountains are artistically more advanced and decorative.
They are known to add an elegant accent to your outdoor space, so do make them a part of your surroundings. The statue you opt for will bring out your personality and artistic sense.

Wall Fountains

The name says it all. Wall fountains have a fountain attached to them. They are made up of fiberglass and are given an archaic stone finish. They go well as an appendage to one's deck. Apart from having them outdoors, they also make for a good indoor decoration.

Pool Fountains

Add visual beauty to your outdoors with the pool fountain. Envision the display of cascading water being thrown gently into the pond by mermaids. Pool fountains in ponds have an air of mystery and magic to them. 
But before you take the step, ensure that you have chalked out the area and size for the pool fountain, and also take a careful approach to the water pumping methods. These can be self-contained and added to your pond or pool for adding elegance to the beautiful environs. These can showcase the aquatic life or incorporate fantasy, choice is limitless.

Bronze Fountains

Many people prefer bronze fountains as decorative installations for their outdoor space. Although many believe that bronze fountains always come with statues, it isn't so. They come in different shapes and forms, too. Bronze, being a metal, if cleaned and maintained properly will always retain its shine.

Contemporary Fountains

Going by the name, contemporary water fountains are a combination of other types. If you are a lover of modern art, you can go in for this outdoor fountain to embellish your surroundings.
However, it depends on your perspective, too; even contemporary statues or pedestals may appear modern in the present times. In short, going by their unique shapes and designs, they bring with them a whole new feel to an outdoor fountain. These fountains directly serve as a reflection of the home owner's personality.

Pedestal Fountains

Pedestal fountains contain a design that includes a pedestal--as the name implies; something that acts like a stone support or foundation. On top of the pedestal, you can have either finials, bubblers, floats, rocks, etc., to complete the look.

Floating Fountains

The unique design of a floating fountain makes it the central part of your outdoor space, and it is enough to set off your guests' curiosity. Natural heavy stones are made to float on water. The water pressure that is applied causes the ring or sphere to rotate, thus making a unique water fountain.

Rock/Boulder Fountains

The name implies everything. These fountains contain large rocks or boulders. In this type, water is pumped through the rock, and water is released from one or many locations.
Different styles can be designed or altered to suit your tastes. No matter what the kind, outdoor fountains enhance life in every possible way. You are bound to make a splash in the social circuit with these aesthetically appealing works of art.