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Outdoor Stair Treads

Mamta Mule Dec 10, 2018
Have a designer staircase that leads to your doors? Well, then you can't miss out the classy outdoor stair treads available that beautify the stairs apart from making them slip resistant. These are specially useful in areas with lots of climate change.
Outdoor stairs play quite an important role in the exterior designing of your house. As these lead the way to your homes, having a beautiful outdoor stair design needs no mention. With trendy treads, you can play up their appearance and make them look the best. They are sure to create the best first impression on anyone entering your house.
What's more, such treads also help make your stairs slip-resistant. So, they not only add beauty, but are also helpful in adding that safety element. Here's more about the various types of outdoor stair treads that you can opt for gracing the steps.

Classy Carpet Runners

When it comes to covering the staircase, carpet runners remain the best alternative. Available in trendy designs, these pieces instantly play up the appearance of the staircase. These look elegant and give an exclusive touch to the space where these are used.
Carpet runners are narrow in width and are run from topmost till the lowest stair and in continuous fashion. You can buy the simple ones in single solid colors or trendy designer pieces to match the stair railings. Most of these are premium range pieces that are the best pick for a plush look.

Inexpensive Rubber

Rubber treads are another great choice to grace the exterior staircase. These are separate pieces of treads, one for each step that add a perfect grip. You can find these in various thickness and shapes. You have a wide range to choose from such as simple rectangular pieces or a fancy oval shaped tread.
These are known to be the best for garages or basements. Rubber treads usually come with adhesive backing or can be glued down with an adhesive. They are inexpensive and are not very pretty, hence, not a suitable pick for the prominent stairs. However, you must check the latest varieties in these which are very fancy and suitable for the exteriors.

Colorful Fiberglass

If you are searching for non-slip options, then fiberglass is a good option to consider. Each of these have a special trim at the edges which helps them to stay fixed on the step. Fiberglass ones also come in mesh type.
Those in regular or mesh styles are available in various colors from which you can choose one to match your exteriors. These are also one of the best options as good as hardwood ones.

Sturdy Aluminum

You might have commonly seen the aluminum treads in commercial buildings. These are non-slip and very commonly used in commercial places that lead to basements, garages, or workshops. Though, available in various colors and designs, gray is the most popular color.
These are the most durable and are fixed over the surface as a long-lasting solution for slippery stairs. Recently there are various designs launched in these, which can be suitable for use in your homes as well.
Apart from the aforementioned ideas you can also checkout the vinyl treads which are available in a number of colors and with or without grit strips. The braided rugs are another great accessory to be checked out. Checkout a number of home improvement stores to find the best piece.
With trendy ones you can spruce up the outdoor stairs and give them a wonderful look. Make sure you choose right colors and designs to have an elegant entrance to your door.