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Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas

Rutuja Jathar Apr 4, 2019
Outdoor lighting is a safe option for your stairs, as it also creates a perfect atmosphere for your dwelling. The following passages give you more ideas on the same.
We often find various types of staircases inside different dwellings and apartments. The outdoor ones are really the first thing that the visitors come to know about your house, if it's a terrace or row house. There are numerous ways to decorate it once you understand the safety factor involved in it.
Stair railing and lighting are the two things you need to consider as your priority because these two ensure your security and also of the people visiting your house. Outdoor stair lighting is quite an interesting topic of discussion, as it can play a big role in exterior decoration.
It not only helps you to judge the correct height of the stairs but it also helps you to create a romantic and calm ambiance outside your house.

Requirements and Considerations

There are a few requirements that you need to fill up, if you want to have outdoor stair lighting fixtures. For instance, you need to follow the government rules and policies about the same.
Some local authorities restrict you from fixing such lights that might focus on an abutting property, while some might restrict you to fix lights that consume heavy energy. So, don't forget to get a prior permission from the local authorities.
Also, consider weather conditions of your area and opt for accordant light fixtures. It is best to select weather resistant light switches and fixtures that are easily available in most home improvement stores. You can install these switches at the top or bottom start of the staircase so that you won't have to struggle searching for them in the dark.
You need to consider the surface (plastic or vinyl) on which you are installing the light fixtures and opt for the wattage permitted for the material. Last and most important factor is the type of home lighting for outdoor stairs that you want. There are three main types:
  1. Motion Sensing Flood Lighting
  2. Post Mounted Lighting
  3. Recessed Outdoor Deck Stair Lighting
Recessed lighting is low in voltage, fixed on risers of staircase. It need technician to avoid mistakes. Motion sensing floodlights are fixed at top of staircase and is common lighting.
You can also install the post mounted light fixtures that look really elegant. Here are some ideas for light fixtures of outdoor stair design for you.
You can opt for the types of light fixtures that we have explained earlier and decorate them in the most creative way. Select solar or LED lights, since they look really elegant.
If you are opting for post mounted lighting then you can select the solar or LED lights post caps or mini railing lights, outdoor candle lantern, top caps, round eyelid caps, recessed square shaped lamps, treated or stained glass caps, colored lights with suitable shades that match your exterior painting, etc.
You might also like the surface mount lights that come in various shapes and sizes, like triangular, square, bell, ball, shell, etc. Many people opt for outdoor LED rope lighting, which is a sort of recessed lighting, and it also makes the exterior all the more inviting and prominent.
If you prefer those low voltage or LED lights, then there are various companies that offer DIY installation kits that you have to purchase and install with help of an electrician or personally. Depending on the choice of the type of light, one single light fixture costs you about USD 42 to USD 112 excluding the fitting and wiring charges!