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Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

Sheeba Nambiar May 13, 2019
Outdoor propane fire pits make use of propane instead of wood for making a fire, and are hence a better option. Here is some information about the same.
Fire pits are pits that are built in the ground or on land using materials such as brick, metal, or stone. They are used for the purpose of containing fire and preventing it from spreading.
When having a backyard party on a chilly evening, using a propane fire pit for providing warmth is a good idea. It is better than using the traditional wood ones as it does not make a mess of ash in your backyard the next day.
On the contrary, burning wood most definitely causes ash to fly all over your backyard. Also, it is more difficult to set up as it involves cutting the logs, drying them, and lighting them, which requires some basic camping skills. Also, propane is comparatively safer as compared to wood.

Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Kits

An outdoor fire pit is raised off the ground, and the fire ring is placed inside the frame, along with a propane tank attached through a pipe for gas supply to ignite the fire. Kits available in the market are designed for both manual ignition and pilot ignition, where all you need to do is turn on the ignition spark switch.
Portable propane fire pits allow you to take them along with you anywhere you go and hence, this happens to be a popular choice among those who desire to own these for both home and outdoor needs. These kits include the fire pit and ignition assembly, and also the cover and screen to prevent the sparks from flying out.
These come in varied sizes, and are generally made of steel or aluminum, but even ones made of copper are available nowadays. Another accessory gaining popularity is the fire pit tables. If you have enough space in the patio to place loungers and couches, you could permanently fix one of these tabletops and place couches around them.
Although these tables enclose the fire and are quite safe, always place the furniture at a safe distance as an additional precaution. As purchasing a fire pit proves to be a bit expensive, you can build one at home. Designs and plans are available for both the gas burning and wood burning models, with the help of which you can begin the building process.
A propane fire pit comes under the gas burning variety, and hence you should be familiar with its building process before you begin. You should also read the building instructions and check out some designs to help you with the process.
Always remember to follow the safety tips and measures like cleaning the gas pipes and burners regularly, as dirt could cause the burners to build up or store gas inside them. This can be very dangerous if you don't clean them at regular intervals. Checking for any possible leaks is another important thing that you should always do.
If a leak is detected, then turn off the gas supply and tighten all the connections and valves.

Propane fire pits have many advantages over the wood ones. They also save wood, hence saving the environment.