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Outdoor Privacy Screens

Stephen Rampur Oct 6, 2018
Outdoor privacy screens can be used to decorate your patio and also give you a sense of privacy and comfort. We provides information on how you can choose or install them accordingly.
There are many ways in which people build privacy screens. They can be made at home, or ready-made ones can be purchased from the market. They are a kind of covering and are positioned in the patio or anywhere in the garden in order to provide some privacy to the family members.
They also shelter a specific area and increase the beauty of the house. They are generally used in gardens close to the road, or even near swimming pools to keep away prying eyes. These partitions can be made of living and non-living substances.

Usage of non-living things

This type includes fencings, treillage, fretwork, or separate fence segments positioned in specific places. Most people prefer to use fence treillages, as they are more durable and cover a larger area of outdoor space. Treillage and fretwork have some gaps in them, which is why they don't provide complete secrecy.
However, this problem can be solved by using them along with evergreen and blooming vines. Separate fence segments consist of open ends, but are beautiful, easy to install, and useful for covering features and defining areas.

Usage of living things

Here, screens are made using a row of bushes and grasses, a hedgerow, or a row of bamboo, or trees. As they grow over time, the area which they cover and protect becomes wider, and the seclusion becomes more complete.
Using a row of bamboo is a good option, as it is stout and impenetrable, just like a tall wooden fencing. A tall boxwood hedgerow also serves the purpose. Grasses or more wide shrubs obstruct the view partly, but also provide a sense of belonging with the areas around.
These partitions may also be used for the purpose of highlighting specific features of the garden. They may be used around water features or a bed of flowers, which become more salient as the deflecting background is covered by them.
If you don't want to construct a brick wall in the garden, these beautiful coverings can be used, which can even be removed when not necessary.
Nowadays, there are many decorative screens available in the market, which are portable and can be easily folded. Some of them are specially used for covering unsightly outdoor fixtures such as the air-conditioning unit. They can also serve as perfect spots to place dining tables.
For creating natural outdoor privacy screens, you can use fast-growing Leyland cypress or Lombardy poplar trees. Installing some natural or ready-made ones will help you to decorate and beautify your garden, house, or terrace. You can surely use your own creative ideas or can always take help from a professional for variations and designs.