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Outdoor Privacy Panel Ideas to Keep the Peeping Neighbors Away

Mamta Mule Dec 11, 2018
Get outdoor privacy panels and install them to enjoy your patio, deck, garden, or porch space without worrying about the neighbors. Here is a few options in privacy panels and other alternatives you can consider for this purpose.
Can't enjoy your time outdoors even while you have a nice deck or patio space? Probably the peeping neighbors and people passing by are making you think twice before you plan to relax out there!
Why not get outdoor privacy panels installed and use your extended outdoor area the way you always wished to? All you need to do is grab one of these screening options, get relaxing furniture, and have fun.

Privacy Screens

Browse for options in privacy screens and you are sure to find a huge variety in these. They are very popular, hence you can find a range of options in terms of material, size, and design. The foldable ones are the top picks because they offer easy portability. You can open them to add that privacy factor to a section or close them to open up the space.
Wooden screens that offer complete privacy come in a design that has a foldable frame in which a solid wooden board is installed. You can also opt for wooden lattice panels that are quite popular. These are semi-privacy screens in which you can add by putting climbing plants. Such trellis are panels with latticework that support climbing plants.
These are the best as they also impart beauty to the space. Apart from this, tall screens in which the lower ¾ part is covered with plain solid board and top part consists of lattice work or other designer work can also be used.
If you want to put screens that will spice up the space, get stained glass or frosted glass options. These will cost more, but also give a trendy look. Panels made of horizontal wooden planks, painted white will look beautiful and ensure complete privacy. You can choose similar looking vinyl panels that are durable and have variety of designs and colors.


If you didn't like these, here are more to consider. These are cheaper than the ones mentioned. The first is installing blinds. There are bamboo blinds, cedar blinds, matchstick blinds, and many more. Louver, roll up or horizontal venetian are best picks in terms of style.
Apart from blinds, curtains are something that you can't miss out on. Adding a privacy element with classy fabrics, sheer or opaque, you are sure to give your outdoors a fresh finish. Both the alternatives, i.e., blinds and curtains need proper arrangement for installation.
You need a frame and a rod to fix up any of these. You can  have a simple frame made and place it in your garden. Add elegant curtains to this frame and have a private section ready to relax. Have tie-back ropes to keep the curtains tied in a decorative pattern and while no one is using the area - leave them on their own to add stylish flavor to the area.
You must be ready to choose one of the best privacy screens, elegant blinds, or pretty curtains for your patio. Pick the one that makes the best accessory to add privacy to your outdoors. It doesn't matter if you have a small or spacious extension for dinner, breakfast, chatting, or relaxing, these panels can always help to make maximum use of the space.