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Outdoor Pool Furniture

Neil Valentine D'Silva Feb 12, 2019
Getting the right kind of outdoor pool furniture is important. If not, it could make the area look unattractive. Here are the different kinds of furniture that you must consider.
If you are one of those lucky few who have an outdoor pool attached to the house, then you must be aware about how different furniture, adds to the aesthetic value of the area! But do you know what furnishings you will need? We will try to answer this question in the following paragraphs.

Pool Chairs

For the moments when you are not inside the pool, but just want to enjoy a pina colada sitting by it, you need pool chairs. The James Bond movies have made them very famous, but mostly we are busy watching what's on the chair, and neglect the chair itself.
The chairs are generally made of an aluminum frame, with a stretched nylon glide for supporting the person's seat and back. They have armrests joined with the frame, and the better chairs also have headrests.
The deck chairs which have a single length of nylon attached between a foldable wooden frame. However, deck chairs do not look as elegant. Rocking chairs are bought for keeping near pools, and these chairs are good if you want to sit and read a newspaper, or soak in some sun.

Tables and Chairs

Tables to be kept by a pool are generally low and small. They are almost always square or round and can seat four people comfortably around them. These tables can be made of anything from wicker and plastic to highly polished wood.
The tables are generally painted in light colors, to fit in with the atmosphere around the pool. Table covers are made of rubber or plastic, and rarely of cloth. Most tables are sold single but can be sold with a matching chairs. The chairs occupy a lot of room and armrests are preferred with the tables.


Parasols are the big umbrellas that are attached to the tables to protect people from the rays of the sun. Some of the parasols have decorative bases that can be directly placed in the middle of the tables.
These parasols can be opened and folded by a simple button or spring mechanism attached on the frame of the parasol. The sizes of the parasols are much bigger than the umbrellas used to protect people from the rain. When unfurled, a parasol must cover the entire table and the chairs kept around it. 
Genuinely speaking, it is the parasol that provides grace to outdoor pool furniture. Parasols can come in several colors, sizes, and patterns. So, there is lot of variety to choose from. Also, since these parasols are not expensive, a couple of them can be purchased and alternated to save oneself from boredom.


Keeping a bar along the poolside is a real fun idea, and something that can be very useful if you have frequent visitors. However, you will also need some barstools, where people can drink and sip the cocktails you make for them.
Barstools are made in the same design as those found in pubs and bars, but with the basic difference that they are made of waterproof materials. Wood is avoided.
A popularly followed idea nowadays is to place the barstools inside the pool. This enables people to enjoy being in the water, and have their drinks at the same time. An alternative is to tell your architect to build some elevations inside the pool. If that is done, then the elevations will be of stone.
Of course there are several other things that you can think about, such as keeping a display case, a barbecue, etc. Viewing a catalog for outdoor pool furniture will give you a good idea of what you will like to see near your poolside.