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Outdoor Shade Canopies

Shashank Nakate Jun 3, 2019
Outdoor shade canopies help to protect us from the harmful effects of sunrays. These are temporary canopies that can be set up in backyards, lawns, or patios when one wishes to spend time outdoors.
A garden or a backyard is a place where one can spend his leisure hours of a holiday or a vacation. How about setting up an outdoor shade canopy for the same? It is available in various forms and prepared from different materials. The material is generally lightweight and portable. A canopy used for the purpose of shade is also known as a quick shade canopy.


There are numerous varieties of outdoor and patio shade canopies available in the market. One can choose a suitable one that serves his needs. A canvas canopy is commonly used. The poles used to set them up are made of steel, and the covering is prepared from cotton. The poles or stakes are generally made from galvanized steel.
They can be used to protect cars from the ultraviolet rays of the sun instead of building a permanent fixture. Suitable outdoor shade canopies can also be used for camping. One should consider his needs and also his budget before making a purchase.
The accessories include items such as poles, foot pads, bungee cords, ball bungees, etc. Besides these, many accessories are used in their maintenance.

Different Types

Garden Tents

Setting up garden tents is an economical way to add shade to the backyard. These structures can provide partial as well as complete shade for spending time outdoors.

Retractable Canopy

It allows the adjustment of the area of the shade as per our needs. It minimizes the effort of installation to a great extent. It can bear up to 90 pounds of weight. Apart from being waterproof, it possesses windows at the sides and ends. Its shock cord poles help in the installation process.

Patio Shade Canopy

These structures provide more of a permanent shade for spending time outdoors.
They not only protect us from the sunrays, but also furniture items such as benches, tables, and chairs. Instead of using umbrellas, one should consider setting up a canopy in order to have a comfortable and spacious enclosure, as is a cost-effective method of covering a patio.
Outdoor shade canopies are primarily useful in providing shade. But, they are useful in a lot of leisure activities and important events like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. They are erected during the annual meetings of small companies, club parties and meetings, speeches and gatherings too. Thus, they play an important role in our lives.