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Outdoor Metal Porch Swing Sets

Priya Johnson Nov 25, 2018
Metal swing sets enhance the beauty of the porch and add to the ambiance of the house. Moreover, since they come in various shapes and styles, they can fit into different décor styles.
Porch swings are great accessories to adorn the front or back porch of the house. They feature a cushioned-seat and a glider aspect which facilitate the swinging motion. These are great to enjoy warm evenings and make wonderful sit outs for family and friends.
These swings are not necessarily confined to porches, and are also found hanging in backyards. They are perfect rest areas to getaway from every day reality. People who don't have an inclination towards gardening or sport activities, these swings are a great means of obtaining fresh outdoor air.
Moreover, children love swinging and playing on them. Porch swings are great for all family members, and are arenas where lots of memories are cherished.

Why Opt for Them?

Metal swing sets are a good option and are gaining popularity for their durability and elegant designs. Most people are oblivious of the benefits of metal porch swings. These swings are made from wrought iron, thus are extremely durable. They hold their shape throughout the year, and don't dent or warp.
Since these are made of metal, they eliminate the mildew problem. Cracking problems with wooden swings are not there in the metal type. Also, these do not have to be taken off during winter months, like that with wooden swings, to prevent weather damage. Metal swings can be set up as permanent fixtures.

Different Types Available

Various types and styles of porch swings are available in the market today for one to choose from. They are the standalone varieties that sit on the lawn, and even come with canopies to shield people from debris and direct sunlight.
Porch swings resembling hanging chairs are attached to awnings, overhangs, and arbors. Swings with stands are also available. The choice of the swing will depend on the space available in the porch or backyard. Generally, porch swings are 4-5 feet in width, which makes them suitable for any standard porch.
There are wood (cedar, teak), plastic, and metal porch swings available in various shapes and glorious designs.
Metal outdoor swing sets come in an array of different finishes, with rustic and charming looks. They are available in various colors and finishes to suit everyone's taste and preference. There is the bronze, mahogany, ivory, bronze, etc., in powder coating or smooth finish.
They also come in a variety of styles and patterns. Some come in latticed patterns, while others come with the traditional slatted pattern. There are elaborate swings comprising exquisite patterns of swirling metals. Metal swing sets may come with gorgeous metal stands or may hang directly from the roof of the porch.

Assembling Process

The metal porch swing box mentions that the swings get assembled with just a hammer and a screwdriver. However, it's advisable to keep other tools ready. Pliers, adjustable wrench, drill and metal drill bits, wooden block, and complete screwdriver sets will come in handy during assembling. Most reputable companies pre-drill holes and line them up very well.
However, it is a common fact that removal of metal burrs and incomplete drilled sections require re-drilling. An adjustable wrench assists in holding the nuts, while tightening down the bolts of the swing. Moreover, if aluminum hardware is used, one may end up stripping the ends of the screw.
Pliers come in handy to remove stripped screws. The wooden block is useful when parts have to be hammered together. Placing the wooden block between the hammer and metal parts prevent damage to the metal.
A concern that accompanies metal outdoor swing sets is the fact that they can be cold to sit on. In spring or fall, the metal can be chilly and this can be countered by placing porch cushions, made from Sunbrella fabrics, suited for outdoor use.
They are mildew resistant and don't stain, thus, the cushion can be left on the swing all the time. Metal swing sets make beautiful statements on the patio, porch, and backyard.