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Outdoor Masonry Fireplace Designs

Aarti R Nov 7, 2018
An outdoor masonry fireplace, usually in the backyard, complements an old-fashioned barbecue. Let us discuss some designs for the same.
Masonry fireplaces are made of bricks or stones and are known for their durability and stability. Building one outdoors is a good investment, so the designs must be decided before. If you plan to build one, select the right location. You can install it in your existing backyard with little reconstruction.
It is advised to check the codes and laws of the local government before you decide the designs. Stone and brick are the two most durable options. The size of the fireplace and the available space must be considered while choosing the designs.

Stone Designs

Stone fireplaces are one of the most durable and rugged ones that last for lifetime. The stones used for construction are not of the same shape and size. This uneven nature gives the fireplace a traditional look. Stone is the safest material for this purpose.
Not only are stone fireplaces fit for outdoors, they are one of the best options for indoors too. Another advantage is they can bear any weather change and require absolutely no maintenance. Along with the fireplace, you must choose the accessories that will complement the design.

Brick Front Designs

The fireplace fronts designed with bricks give a rich, elegant look to the backyard along with the house. Outdoor fireplaces are meant for getting heat and warmth, rather than being showy. They are also easy to clean and maintain.
There are various designs to enrich your outdoor masonry fireplace. Installing a brick one is a cumbersome task, and it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional for installing it.
The initial cost of installation is high, but these fireplaces last for a lifetime. Maintenance is very easy and involves cleaning the ashes in and around the fireplace and the chimney. The chimney must be cleaned from time to time.
Besides stone and bricks, cultured stones are also used for building fireplaces. Installing a cultured stone one is much easier than installing a traditional one made of brick or stone. The other add-ons to the outdoor fireplace are the hearth and mantel shelves, which can be made as per your design.
The outdoor fireplace includes utilities, like firewood storage area and an outdoor seating. A masonry one is better than the metal ones in many ways. Their heating ability is more than the metal ones. Also, they last longer than any other types of fireplaces.
Spending a romantic winter evening besides an outdoor masonry fireplace, or having an outdoor barbecue party, can be a lot of fun!