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Outdoor Handrails

Sujata Iyer Apr 3, 2019
Outdoor handrails need to look as good as their indoor counterparts. How else can there be a balance in the designing of the interior and the exterior of the house? Let's see some ideas that you can use for the railings outside your home.
Who ever said that only the inside of the house needs to look beautiful and stylish? In fact, it is the outside of a house that creates the first, and possibly the last impression of your home in the mind of a visitor. So, it's only natural for you to want a beautiful exterior for your home just like its interior.  
And one such aspect of outdoor decoration is the handrails. These could be for steps, for the deck, for stairs leading in to the house, or even for just a porch or patio. It forms an important part of your outdoor decor, and so, cannot be ignored. Here, we'll see some ideas to give the outside of your home a gorgeous look just by using the right handrails.

Metal Magic

One of the best, and most popular options that people are going for, in outdoor stair railings is metal. Apart from being strong, metal railings also have a good decorative value. They can be customized according to your likes and designs.
Another plus point is that they can have two appeals at the same time. They can recreate a bygone era, with an antique look and feel. And they can also give your home a more contemporary look with modern designs. The best bet when it comes to using metal is wrought iron stair rails. 
However, you can also opt for some strong stainless steel railings, that will definitely be easier to clean and maintain. Alternatively, you can also use aluminum for your handrails.

Woody Wonder

If you want another option for decorative handrails, then wood is the way to go for you. It is easy to find, easy to buy, and looks great too. It can be carved and shaped into the pattern and design of your choice by expert craftsmen.
Thick and strong wooden handrails can give your home a rustic look. Even thin wooden railings look nice, if you want to give your home a casually welcoming look. 
One other option is railings made of cane. This idea will work best in a garden though, surrounded by plants and maybe a small pond. Or, instead of cane, you can choose some fancy bamboo handrails. They might not be as sturdy as other wood, but they definitely look nice. So you can use it in a low-lying area rather than stairs or a high deck.

Classy Concrete

Another good material for stair railings that you can incorporate in your outdoors is concrete. It is easy to use, easy to build, and is more hardy than any other material that you may use. Plus, it is quite easy to maintain too. All it requires is a regular wash, and some touch up painting once the initial paint begins to chip off due to weathering.
Within concrete, you can choose bricks for your railing. It will be an unconventional option, because you can't really come up with fancy designs, but it's definitely a strong option. You can go in for a style that resembles old European architecture, by using stone handrails.
And if you're looking for something really classy, out-of-this-world, and are willing to spend some serious money, then there's just three words for you - pure white marble!
With these ideas on outdoor handrails you can transform your home's exterior to something beautiful, and keep it safe and strong too! So take your pick and get that stunning exterior.