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Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Outdoor Gas Fireplace
A great addition to a patio is an outdoor fireplace. Here are some gas fireplace designs and styles.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2019
Outdoor Brick Fireplace
There is nothing like enjoying a glass of wine on your patio near an outdoor fireplace. Gas-powered fireplaces do not require wood, they produce less smoke, and you do not have to clean them afterwards. They are not very difficult to install, and you can enjoy chilly evenings cozying up to your very own fireplace.
While designing an outdoor fireplace, the first thing that you should make sure is that a natural gas line is extended from the house to the location of the fireplace. The gas line should preferably run under the patio or garden. Once this has been taken care of, you can decide the kind of design you would like.
Since the patio or garden is a very natural area that has a lot of greenery, a rustic looking stone design looks the best. A French or Mediterranean style with stones works quite well; they look great if you have a fairly large backyard or patio.
Instead of a square-shaped one made with stone, you can extend the length so that it looks visually appealing and becomes the focal point of the patio. Installation can be somewhat tricky, so you will require the services of a professional.
Another great idea is to opt for a brick fireplace. They are fairly durable and they look great too. If you have a cottage-style or country-style home, then there is nothing that will complement it better.
It is rustic and rugged, and you will find many kits to fit your budget. A freestanding brick fireplace design is a practical option to have outside. You can soften the look of the bricks by placing a few pots of vines to creep up the structure.
If you are looking for contemporary designs, then a low, rectangular fireplace is just the thing you need. It features a minimalistic design with neat lines that is very modern. You can choose stones like limestone, rough fieldstones, or even ceramic tiles to construct one.
An important element to keep in mind is that you will need specific logs for a gas-powered fireplace. These are synthetic devices that look just like wooden logs, but they burn without smoke and soot.
During construction, see to it that the gas fireplace inserts are installed properly. If you are not ready to invest in an entire fireplace, then you can get a fireplace table instead. A gas-powered fireplace has a lot of advantages and is definitely a good idea to get one for your home.