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Flooring Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces

Puja Lalwani Dec 11, 2018
Outdoor flooring can give your outdoor living space a third dimension and a whole new character. Here is some information about the various outdoor flooring ideas.
Decorating the outdoor space is as important as decorating the interior. An outdoor space is a reflection of what is to be expected within. Cozying up outdoors with your partner, or enjoying time with family or a bunch of friends is another reason why your outdoor space should be inviting.
Among the many elements that you can use to design the outdoor space, flooring is one that is most important. It is the base around which you will design the remaining space. Further, when you choose the right flooring, half your design falls in place.
The remainder then rests on the kind of outdoor furniture you use, and other accessories to enhance it. To design a beautiful outdoor living space, here are some flooring ideas you can choose from.
When it comes to an outdoor space, there are some great and beautiful outdoor flooring options to choose from. Here are a few materials and ideas that you can use to create a gorgeous outdoor living space.
► Slate flooring is a great option, because it is sturdy, rough and tough, and gives a great rustic appeal to an outdoor setting. Using slate flooring, perhaps with thicker grout for drama is a great choice as an outdoor flooring idea.
► For those who prefer gloss and shine, and would like a luxurious outdoor seating, granite is a good idea. A great way to use it is to have irregular edges towards the walls, so that it can be covered up with pebbles and plants. Even if it is an open area, try out this idea, as it will give the space a nice floating appearance!
►Use good old brick pavers to give your outdoor space an old charm.
► You may also use concrete or stone pavers that are available in various shapes, and give it a unique pattern.
For instance, you could line the edges of an area with simple pavers, and create an interesting pattern with these (pavers) in the center.
► Create a combination flooring by combining of the various types of flooring to give your outdoor space some drama. For instance, combine mosaic and slate, by creating a motif with mosaic and surrounding it with slate flooring.
Deck flooring is always a great and sturdy option for outdoor flooring, and gives the space a luxurious look. Combine it with greens of nature, and you have a beautiful combination to flaunt.
► If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, concrete flooring is a great choice, and it can be easily painted over. This means the entire design is up to you and your creativity, by using the simple concrete floors.
When it comes to transforming your outdoor to prepare a gust for the richness of the interior of your house, create some interesting floor painting designs and keep the rest of the elements simple so that the flooring stands as the highlight of the outdoor space.
► Using ceramic tiles to design your outdoors is also a great idea. Further, it does not limit you in terms of design because of the color options and size.
Use 12 inch or larger ceramic tile flooring for your outdoor space. Lay them in a diamond pattern instead of the regular pattern. Use thicker grout with interesting colors for greater appeal. If you can shell out a little more money, highlight the flooring with a mosaic border. Just remember to use anti-skid tiles for safety.
► For temporary flooring options, consider floating interlocking laminate flooring, since it does not need to adhere to the floor and will remain in place just by its interlocking feature. It also gives a rich wooden look without having to spend money on the real wood.
Another temporary option is rolled or vinyl flooring. It is a cheaper option and is available in several styles if you are looking for aesthetic appeal.
When it comes to designing and decorating any space, it is important that you break free from any barriers about trends, and focus on what you want. As such, any type of flooring will look great in the outdoors as long as you have given it enough thought and created a space that you can call your own masterpiece.