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Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips

Gaynor Borade May 4, 2019
The experience of dining outdoors off a barbecue or snuggling up to a loved one in front of a fire pit is the best thing. The fun and excitement of entertaining family and friends to a meal cooked on an open fire pit is just great. Make it a safe affair by considering these outdoor fireplace safety tips.
An outdoor fire pit is a natural or artificial fire enclosure for cooking, improving the ambiance for a special occasion, or generating warmth on cold, winter evenings.
The pit can give the feel of a rustic camp ground to a modern home, complete with a hole surrounded by a ring of rocks. The fire pits add quality to vacation homes and camping sites in the woods. The proverbial 'playing with fire' may get literal, if few precautions are not taken.
Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to fulfill your desire for a cozy and inviting fire in your backyard. The designs available blend well with patio furniture and outdoor lighting. The fire pit serves as a focal point for conversation and barbecue turn outs.
They promote an atmosphere which favors getting together and creating great memories. It looks great in the gardens, courtyard, and patios. Although comfort and elegance do matter, safety along these lines should be prioritized.

Install Border rings

Invest in a fire pit that has a ring. There are a number of manufacturers who offer a variety of these rings. You can choose from a variety of options that have silhouettes of animals and trees to add quality to the campsite, and even regular steel mesh and glass. Depending upon the use that pit is put to, the ring can be selected.
For example, if trying out scrumptious barbecue recipes outdoors is the idea then the mesh made from stainless steel or designed extensions are a good bargain. The rings help create the campfire ambiance and are available in a variety of sizes, too.

Choose Wide-base designs

When choosing a fireplace, it is important that you first consider the common use that the pit will be put to, the number of people you think will use the facility, and the area where the fireplace would be commonly used. It is safer to go in for the widest base design available in the size-category you are looking at.
The pits come in a wide range of materials and sizes. They are placed off the ground, if not permanently placed at ground level, and help you to get real value by optimizing the outdoor space. The wide base offers more heat and additional cooking space.

Use Smoke vents

The smoke vents are usually sold along with the fire pits. The front opening of the vent functions like a chimney for the smoke to be re-directed. Smoke vents are made from a variety of materials, like clay, copper, and cast iron. They are a big help when you are entertaining more than your usual guest capacity and when there are children at the barbecue.
The vents enable everyone to enjoy the crackling sound, warmth and cozy ambiance, without being inconvenienced by the smoke and cinders.

Appropriate Location

It is advised to choose the location of the fireplace with the help of a professional or someone who has been using one for years. The pit should ideally be positioned several feet away from any flammable area of the home, for obvious purposes of safety.
You need to ensure that the structure is away from the access point to the main indoor living area, electrical appliances, plants and trees, and overhangs. Other things to look out for include dry grass, hay, and stacks of open firewood. Proper and planned positioning would also facilitate a central location for encouraged conversation and interaction.

Choice of 'fuel'

Another tip is to carefully decide the type of fuel. The flames and heat generated are greatly impacted by the fuel. Usually, propane and pressure-treated wood can be used but extra care is needed with them as the emitted fumes are toxic.
Fat-wood, a natural product of highly combustible pine resin makes great fuel. Hard woods, such as oak, not only produce less smoke, but are also extremely safe to use, children-friendly, even.