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Outdoor Fireplace Construction Plans

Stephen Rampur Nov 26, 2018
Building stylish customized outdoor fireplaces has become the latest trend. Here we provides you some information about outdoor fireplace construction plans.
Apart from providing warmth during the winter months, an outdoor fireplace enhances the looks of the landscape. You can simply sit near the fireplace in the evening and have a good time. However, an outdoor fireplace has to be constructed after careful planning.

Building an Outdoor Fireplace

Appropriate Location

Choose a suitable location where the fireplace can be built. A majority of people prefer the area near the swimming pool or the entertainment deck. You may choose any such place, but just ensure that the location complements the home and other structures of the property.
Select a suitable place that will remain ideal, even after making some adjustments to the lawn during the house improvement work. Many a time, the house owner regrets his choice of location, after getting the fireplace constructed. If you are not sure about the ideal location, it is advisable to seek expert opinion.

Suitable Construction Material

People prefer bricks for outdoor fireplace as a permanent structure. It uses carved decorative stones and bricks. Copper, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel is used for exteriors and cast iron, aluminum alloy for interiors.
Fireplaces constructed of stone and brick can be a bit expensive. They are elegant, attractive and complement the house structure. There is a wide range of stylish stones specially meant for outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces built with aluminum and cast iron are cost-effective, and they emit less noise.

Fuel to be Used

Choose the type of fuel which you would use in the fireplace. There are several choices like pellet coal, wood, liquid propane or natural gas.
Select the fuel depending on use, design, and other specifications. It is advisable to choose a fuel that is environment friendly.

Fireplace Design

You may come across number of outdoor fireplace designs to choose the best from. You may use your creativity and come up with customized designs.
Select the design after considering aspects like space available, finances, house location, and fuel to be used.
Choose an appropriate design wherein the fuel consumption would in no way contribute to air pollution; and would match the yard and house design, size, and style. You may choose a mild color for the fireplace, as it will not have a jarring effect. You must also choose a suitable design for the fireplace mantel.
The most important aspect to be taken care of is fireplace safety. In short, building an outdoor fireplace is not a difficult job, provided you plan it carefully.