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Outdoor Fire Pit Safety Tips

Outdoor Fire Pit Safety Tips for a Fun and Secure Open Air Party

Are you planning for an outdoors evening around a crackling fire? Before you begin with those plans, use these safety tips for outdoor fire pits.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
The glow of the fire on a cold evening, spreading its warmth around people, is something we all enjoy. Such evenings are often looked forward to with great enthusiasm. The joy of cooking over the dancing flames in the patio, or while camping is something that cannot be described. Who doesn't love spending time outdoors with family and friends! One can have outdoor fire pits even in the backyard. These pits can also be a part of landscape design and have a function to perform. There are different kinds of outdoor fire pits that can be used for evening get-togethers. But, there are some important safety measures you will need to use whilst planning for the same.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits add beauty to a garden. But, you need to decide upon the purpose of the fire pit to understand the safety measures. You can opt for gas fire pits, wood burning grills for pits, or the portable varieties. Once you decide when and where to have the fire pit, you need to follow some of the following safety tips. These principles will help you enjoy without being worried.
  • Outdoor fire pits should be planned away from objects that are made of flammable materials. This will dictate where you should have the fire pit. Choose areas that are clean and clutter-free. Avoid areas with overhanging branches of a tree or any other thing that can get easily ignited.
  • Always avoid having outdoor fire pits in enclosed areas. The fumes caused by fire pits can be harmful if the area does not have proper ventilation.
  • While using these pits, begin with a small fire. This will help you to understand many things such as the direction of the wind and the effect on the flame.
  • Using safety gloves will help you manage things safely. This will particularly be useful when you need to handle various materials such as metal parts.
  • Always keep the area around a fire pit clean. Make sure you have water and fire extinguishers close-by. Having a source of water such as a hose, helps to prevent many accidental fires that can be extinguished easily. Let everybody who uses the outdoor fire pit learn all about these safety measures.
  • The kind of firewood you select is also very important. Use hardwoods such as oak as it will produce less smoke.
  • Maintain a considerable amount of distance away from the fire pit. Sparks that are spit out from the fire pit can hurt people or even cause damage to objects around. Furniture should also be placed away from the fire pit. To prevent sparks from flying out of the pit, use screens that can be kept over the flame. This prevents the wind from disturbing the flames as well.
  • Do not allow children or animals near any fire pit. Children may not really understand safety issues; therefore, elders should always supervise.
  • Once you have finished the use, make sure the fire is extinguished completely. You can even use water over hot embers.
  • Avoid filling the pit with excess wood or even gas (in case of gas fire pits).
  • Do be careful and learn about the laws in your area. There are many areas where outdoor fire pits are not permitted for various reasons. So, brief yourself about the laws.
Use these safety tips to enjoy your time without any worries. By maintaining these rules about fire safety, your evening can turn into a truly memorable one!
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