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Outdoor Curtain Ideas

Sujata Iyer Apr 3, 2019
The outdoor curtain ideas mentioned here will serve as a guide for you to decorate the exterior of your home in keeping with that of the interior decor. Go through them, sift and pick what you like!
Why is it that the exterior of a home is often ignored when it comes to decorating? Shouldn't it be given equal, if not more, importance? Well, we've taken in upon ourselves to give you some ideas on how you can spruce up the exterior of your home and make it look as warm and inviting as the indoors.
How? Well, the answer's quite simple really. Outdoor curtains! Who would've thought something as simple as curtains can help to entirely transform your outdoors and give it a wonderfully vibrant appearance! Here are some ideas that you can use for outdoor curtains. Check them out!


Need something light, yet elegant to decorate your outdoors with? Well, linen is the perfect answer for you. If it's a cottage style home that you live in, then even better.
You can have some beautiful wrought iron furniture placed on your patio and then, the area where the patio's edge meets the ground below, that area can be cordoned off with a pair of high mounted linen curtains.
The linen curtains should no doubt match the overall d├ęcor of the house and of the furniture that you have placed on the patio. Color wise, you should ideally go for something in dark, earthy hues. Deep chocolate brown or deep olive green are some of the best options that you can try for outdoor linen curtains.

Weather Resistant Fabric

While linen may look really elegant, it does have one slight problem: maintenance! Hence, if you're a resident of an area that is blessed with both abundant sunshine and rain, then using linen curtains makes no sense to you, does it?
So, what you need to go for, especially for your outdoor curtains is an all-weather curtain. Yes, browse online and you'll find some great deals and varieties on weather resistant curtains, which are made from special materials that are capable of withstanding harsh sun and rain too. Plus, they're not very harsh on the eye too.
You have an array of designs, colors and styles to choose from. So, just go ahead and search some home improvement sites that offer these curtains for sale. You're sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

Beaded Curtains

One might think who has beaded curtains in the outdoors, right? But just picture this. You're sitting on the swing in your backyard, which is right in front of the beautiful French doors of your yard.
A light breeze blows and you look towards the door, and there you have your gorgeous beaded curtains, sparkling with the wonderful sunlight bouncing off it. Sounds nice? Well, you can have such a scene too with some fancy beaded curtains in your outdoors.
You can substitute the beads for things like small mirrors, acrylic beads, crystal beads, tiny bells, etc. Take your pick! You can even make the curtains yourself and impress guests with your handiwork!

Single Colored Fabric

Whatever the fabric may be, you need to keep one thing in mind: the color of the curtains must not only be a flattering one, but it should also be the one that complements your outdoors.
Suppose you have a pergola or just a covered seating area in your front lawn, where you like to spend the evenings with your family every chance you get. You'll want to ensure that your family is protected from prying eyes, right? Plus, it'll have to look good as well.
The best way you can ensure this, is to have curtains in solid colors like dark red, orange, green, navy blue, etc. adorning and surrounding this area. Solid, single colors will also absorb the dust and sunlight better than sheer ones, and need to be cleaned less often than the lighter ones.
Well, so much for outdoor curtain ideas. There are sure to be a lot more ideas that you can think of. So go ahead and decorate the exterior of your home with as much passion and creativity as you would decorate the interiors!