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Different Types of Outdoor Candle Lanterns to Add That Extra Glamor

Outdoor Candle Lantern
Outdoor candle lanterns are the best substitute for electric bulbs if you are looking for a classic exterior decorative theme. They look extremely beautiful and suit almost all types of homes.
Rutuja Jathar
The condition of the outdoors can really explain the story of that house itself. A well-kept yard, patio, and a sprawling garden provide an extremely great venue for formal social gatherings, family functions, or even a leisurely afternoon with your near and dear ones. With the elegant decorative option in the form of candle lanterns, one can never fall short of innovative ideas when it comes to outdoor lighting.
A candle is actually a subtle decorative material that can add glamor to almost all occasions, such as a Halloween party, outdoor wedding receptions, or even a romantic candlelight dinner. One can also use them on the walkways around the pool, decks, and the staircases. They simply add a grand look and change the mood of the atmosphere.
These lanterns illuminate the ambiance by their subtle flame and obscure nature, hence, they are the first choice of candle aficionados. They come with a lot of benefits, as they are more eco-friendly and economical. The best thing about them is that they are very good insect repellents. These lanterns come in a huge array of colors, shapes, styles, and finishes that facilitate you with more and more creative ideas.
The patterns are available in an infinite number of patterns; you imagine a style and you can have it. It all just depends on the stretch of one's imagination. There are many functional as well as simple lantern patterns that simply elaborate the outdoors by providing the facilities of a regular light fixture, along with style.
  • Motifs: Lanterns are specially designed to enhance certain kinds of home décor. The most popular forms include the Asian, Moroccan, and Victorian lanterns. Many lanterns are specially designed in the shape of nest, branches, houses, holiday items, and stars which makes them more adaptive to the surrounding.
  • Shapes and Sizes: Some of the most famous shapes of the lanterns are cylindrical, octagonal, rectangular, oval, square, and round. All these shapes are available in different sizes as per the requirement. When it comes to the tea light candles, best is to go for the small-sized holders. The larger sizes are preferred for the pillars.
  • Sides of the lanterns: The most important and distinguishing characteristic of a lantern are its sides. They can be made with frosted, etched, stained glasses, or even with metal scroll work and silhouettes of various patterns.
  • Materials: Lanterns usually come in a fireproof material, such as nickel, bronze, glass, or copper. Some also come with mirror-based frames that illuminate the outdoors more. Certain lanterns come with removable tops or bottoms, while some are available with hinged doors that are more convenient to operate.
Lanterns are generally hung over the gutter, a tree branch, a pillar, or pole mounts, and are also used as wall hangings. Actually it can be hung at any place of your choice. Some outdoor lanterns come with self-made holders and wall sconces.
There is no limit to one's imagination, and hence, one can customize these lanterns as per his/her own imagination and requirement. Most of the patio furniture stores have various types of candle lanterns with their prizes ranging from USD 10-150. Obviously, when installing the lanterns, one has to follow certain safety norms to minimize the risk factor, as at the end of the day, it is fire. The basic thing is to avoid placing these lanterns near any fire-friendly objects or fabrics.