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Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Rutuja Jathar Nov 28, 2018
Artificial palm trees are a great option to add an accent to the outdoors. They look really elegant and fancy than the natural palm trees.
Most people love palm trees, because they give a tropical feel and make the outdoors look 'complete'. Plantation, maintenance and trimming is not that easy and it takes a lot of time, patience and real hard work as well. Many people find it hard and time-consuming to plant and wait until their palm tree grows to glory.
If you are also facing a similar problem regarding palm trees, outdoor artificial palm trees are the best option. These trees look like real ones and are also available for various types of landscaping.
Outdoor artificial palm trees are custom-made artificial plantations and they are scientifically tested as well as engineered by the artificial palm trees manufacturers. These trees can stand tall in extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures, wind, heat and humidity.
This quality makes them very much functional. They are crafted in a way that they seem lifelike and become more user-friendly too. They are mostly used in landscape designs of offices and hotels. The trunks of the artificial palm trees are made up of plastic and such durable substances. Some of the trees are also made using real palm barks and fibers.
These trees look very much real, they make an illusion of the real palm tree on a serene tropical beach. Placement of the trees is an important factor to concentrate upon. They must be placed in a strategic manner for the privacy to the owner. They simply beautify the surrounding.
Some trees come along with LED light fixtures, that makes the garden a really beautiful place to have a small gathering or party at night. When placed with various assortments like rocks, artificial waterfalls and such other beautifying fixtures, these trees look really very enchanting.

How to Make Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

In this era of DIY, people have a hobby to try to apply all the possible home decoration with the same technique. With a bit of extra efforts, you can also make the trees on your own. Here are few tips to make outdoor artificial palm trees:
  • Take 2-3 bamboos of desired size and stick them together with nails. Wrap them with brown paper in a crumbled way.
  • Fix one end of it in a pot that can serve as the base of your artificial palm tree. Fill the pot with concrete, stones or such solid substances to make sure you position the bamboo straight. The bamboo will serve as the trunk of your outdoor artificial palm tree.
  • Make sure to dry off the concrete for at least 24 hours before the next step of applying fronds. You can use any type of artificial palm tree fronds that are available in the market and stick them to the top of the bamboo. Your outdoor artificial palm tree is ready.
You can also use lighted palm trees for decorating a beach party or restaurant. Different types of outdoor and indoor trees are available in the market that can be brought home and camouflaged as real palm.
These trees are actually very useful for those who don't live in the tropical region and long for the real palm trees. You too, by now, would have decided the location for the outdoor artificial palm tree in your garden!