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Ornamental Cherry Tree Varieties

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Dec 10, 2018
If you are interested in growing ornamental cherry tree varieties, first gather information about their types and growth requirements. Read next to learn about some popular types and their planting guide.
Cherry trees are highly prized for their aesthetic value and edible fruits. While many species are grown for both purposes, there are some, exclusively planted for their blooms. Once popular in Japan, they are now grown in almost all parts of the world. Blooming in shades of white and pink, the ornamental cherry trees lend a welcoming look to yards.


Nothing can match the beauty of cherry trees laden with blossoms during the spring. You can enjoy this scenic beauty in your yard, by incorporating their superior flowering types. While finalizing the species, do not just go by the tree height and blossom color, but think about the care level and suitability to your soil type and climatic condition.

Kwanzan Cherry Variety

With double-petal pink blooms, this is most popular for landscape designing. It grows well in zone 5-9, and adapts to a wide range of soil conditions. As it matures, its spread is more than the height (about 20 feet).
The crown of Kwanzan Cherry Variety resembles nice round shape. It looks great as a specimen tree, but you can also grow it with other flowering varieties.

Autumn Cherry Variety

We usually talk about the striking beauty of cherry blooms in spring. What if you can enjoy the same view in autumn? Yes, it is true with the autumn cherry variety that adapts well in zone 4-8. With favorable growing conditions, it blooms twice in a year: once in spring, and the second time in autumn.
Thus, it adds a winter interest to the landscape design. The flowers are clear white, double-petaled, and blooms in large numbers.

Okame Cherry Variety

The okame grows at a faster rate than others. Suited for zone 6-9, this flowering plant can be grown in any fertile soil. It spreads more than the height (20-30 feet at maturity), thus giving a vase-like appearance.
The soft, pink bloom is another characteristic feature about this category, that increases its popularity amongst avid gardeners and landscapers.

Yoshino Cherry Variety

It is known for fragrant, whitish pink flowers. It is 40-50 feet high and 25-40 feet wide. The branching pattern is oriental and the canopy is round. Being a large tree, proper pruning and training is needed for growing it in your yard. It adapts to all well-drained and fertile soils.

Weeping Cherry Variety

These have sweeping branches that sway back and forth in tune to wind direction. This flowering cherry grows best in warmer climatic conditions, preferably zone 5-9. It grows to a height of about 20-40 feet, and spreads about 20 feet at maturity.
During the flowering period, the branches of the Weeping Cherry Variety are covered with snow-white flowers.
Some of the most preferred ornamental cherry tree varieties have been mentioned here. It should now be easy to select one for your landscaping project. Make sure you take a note of the ornamental cherry tree diseases and the growing conditions.
Attend to all tree-care guidelines like soil preparation, watering, pruning, training, mulching, fertilization, etc., that are specific to the varieties. After all, you would want to maintain healthy cherry trees that produce maximum blossoms in spring.