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Organic Herbs

Organic Herbs

Read on to know a little bit of history along with some general information about organic herbs.
Madhavi Ghare
Herbs are defined as 'a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs'. These are often seed producing plants which grow either once or twice a year, or throughout the year.

Organic herbs are those which are grown naturally, that is to say, they have been grown in a natural environment, without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. You can grow them in your garden or in your apartment. You normally do not need much space to grow these plants.


These have been used to enhance the flavors of food and to heal and cure, since ancient times. Chinese history mentions several uses of them for various purposes. Laurel leaves have been used in wreaths during the Greek and Roman times. Italians and Thai have long been famous for their use of aromatic spices in food preparations. One cannot forget India, where Ayurvedic medicine is being used since time immemorial. This medicinal practice is followed even today, and has recently begun to rise in prominence due to the absence of side-effects.

General Facts and Information
  • If you are planning to grow them in your home, it is necessary to understand the growth cycle of each. Some plants grow all through the year, while some flower only once or twice a year.
  • According to their growing style, you can plan your garden and plant your seeds.
  • There are some varieties which grow well together. These are known as Companion Plants. For example: roses and garlic grow well together-the scent of garlic keeps the aphids away from the roses. At the same time, it pays to know that some plants are just not good together, such as potatoes and turnips.
  • Check your soil type and its pH content if you want to grow a good and healthy garden. Ideally the soil should be able to drain water well, so that the roots of these plants receive sufficient nutrition.
  • Make sure you have space which ensures enough sunlight for your plants. If you are planning to plant your garden indoors, invest in a growing lamp.
  • Use organic fertilizers for your garden. This can be made from the natural waste of your house itself.
  • Once the flowers and leaves are ready to be plucked, tie them up in clusters and hang them upside down in a dark, dry, and warm place. You can of course use them either fresh or dry. If you want to preserve them for later, it is best to dry them. They are dry when the leaves begin to crumble and then you can crush them.
  • Store them in dry and air tight bottles.
So go ahead and plant your garden, and grow these amazing plants. Add flavor to your tea with ginger or mint. Throw in a dash of fresh oregano on your pasta. Take a relaxing aromatic bath with lavender.