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A List of Different Types of Orchids That'll Leave You Spellbound

Types of Orchids
Orchid types are classified according to their physical traits that include color of the flowers, shape of the leaves, height of the stem, and their mode of growth. Read the article to know the most common types of orchids.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Orchids are beautiful and they have attracted people since generations. The orchid family is a diverse group of plant species that has been classified into a number of types, depending upon various external characters and features. All different orchid types belong to the family Orchidaceae. Majority of these plants are distributed in tropical regions of Central and South America and in Asia.
If we categorize them according to growth requirements, then they are broadly divided as epiphytes and terrestrial. Epiphytes grow on trees while the terrestrial species grow on ground. The terrestrial orchids are more popular than the epiphytes, whose root system thrives above the ground. Dendrobiums is the best example of epiphytes, while Cymbidium is the most widely occurring terrestrial.
Tulip Orchids
Also known as Anguloa, this a terrestrial orchid having plicate and lanceolate leaves. The leaves are very long and can extend to up to 1 m. The flowers grow from the pseudobulb and smell like cinnamon. Hybrids are produced by combining two different species. In all, there are 9 species of Anguloa. It grows in the forests and regions of Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and Venezuela. The flowers resemble tulips and hence are named as tulip orchids.
Dendrobium is one of the most largely occurring genus and has numerous species. It's a white orchid and is popularly known as restaurant orchid. The hybrids bear pink, green, yellow, and purple flowers. They are normally used in weddings and festivals for decorative purposes. The leaves are ovate while the flowers are borne in different shapes. This epiphytic plant thrives well all over Australia, Guinea, China, New Zealand, etc.
Moth Orchids
Moth orchids or Phalaenopsis orchids belong to the genus Phalaenopsis that nearly has 60 species. They bear purplish pink flowers and are readily sold in horticulture and standard grocery shops. It has a typical feature. It bears colorful spikes that are intensely attractive. They may be gifted as presents to loved ones or may be kept as houseplants. Phalaenopsis aphrodite or moon orchid grows marvelous white flowers. Moth orchids are mostly found in Asia.
Boat Orchids
The genus Cymbidium has large and showy flowers ranging from red to yellow, green, red, and peach. They look royal when ornamented in vases. Cymbidium has 50 different species that are evergreen. One more interesting fact about them is, boat orchids are used for culinary purposes in Bhutan. These orchids gained popularity in Europe during the Victorian era. One of the most beautiful species is Cymbidium clarisse, that blooms with bright pink flowers.
Milt Orchid
Also known as Miltonia, it is found mostly in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. It's a type of orchid that is used for horticultural purposes in Central America. It's an epiphytic orchid that bears waxy flowers that have exotic scents. The common species are M. flavescens and M. russelliana. The flowers bloom in a variety of colors which makes them so versatile and extremely lovable.
Other Types of Orchids
Apart from these, there are many other types having numerous species.
  • Paphiopedilum
  • Cattleya
  • Oncidium
  • Sophronitis
  • Catasetum
  • Phaius
  • Laelia
  • Epidendrum
  • Vanda
  • Brassia
  • Dracula
  • Eulophia
  • Oeceoclades
  • Selenipedium
  • Beloglottis
  • Acanthephippium
  • Zygopetalum
  • Coryanthes
  • Pleurothallis
  • Thrixspermum
  • Odontoglossum
Caring for orchids is one of the quintessential factors needed for proper growth of these plants.
Thrixspermum orchids
wild orchids in forest
Sophronitis Orchid
Dancing Lady orchid
Fresh Orange Cattleya Orchid Flower
Paphiopedilum flower
Purple, Petal
beautiful Orchids