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Onion Seeds

Niharika Arya Apr 7, 2019
Onion seeds are considered better than onion bulbs to grow an onion plant. Read ahead to know more about these small pin head seeds and how to grow them in your garden.
Onion seeds are angular shaped, rough in texture and as small as a pin head. These black onion seeds are commonly mistaken for Nigella Sativadue to their similar appearance. Hence, sometimes Nigella Sativa is known as the onion seeds spice. These seeds are very helpful in growing a full-fledged onion plant.
The seeds can stay for more than a year if stored properly. They take around 21 days to germinate and do not require intensive care. They can be sown in early spring and can be harvested in winter. If you want to store the seeds you need to avoid moisture so as to restrict the attack of mold. Storing onion is also easy, but just keep moisture away from them.

How to Grow Onion from Seeds

Growing onions from seeds is very easy and is considered economical too. Following are some of the important instructions on growing an onion plant.
► For a better quality of onion, you need to select the best seeds. You can get the seeds from a nursery according to the type of onion you want to grow in your garden. There are basically two types of onions: short day onion and long day onion.
The short day onions need 9 to 10 hours of daylight to set bulb whereas, long day onions need at least 15 hours of day light. Hence, you need to decide among these two types according to the area, place and the amount of sunlight that they receive. Select the dry and mold free seeds for your garden and start planting the seeds.
► Onion plant should be sown in the early spring. This gives them a warmer climate. After selecting the seed you need to have a location which can support the onion plant i.e. you need to search for a sunny site. The soil should have the pH of around 6 to 7 and should be well drained.
► Once you get the right seed and the right place, place the seed approximately 1 inch inside the soil. You can add compost and manure to improve the soil quality. If you are planning to put many seeds in a row, then maintain at least a distance of half or one foot between each. Leave the place slightly drained but not wet.
► The growth of the onion plant depends on the temperature. In lower temperature, the seeds take more time to germinate. Hence a slightly high temperature can make everything all right for the onion plant.
► Normal seeds will take 21 days to germinate but green onion seeds will germinate in 12-14 days. The bulbs will be ready to harvest in around 7-8 months.
Onion seeds have no other additional uses and hence, can just be used solely for growing onion plants. Just keep the onion plants away from weeds, keep them moist, and allow them to get lots of sunlight. This will be enough for the magic bulb to grow properly.