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Your Guide to Trimming Oak Trees

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 24, 2018
The process of oak tree trimming should be done during cold months when the tree is in a dormant state. Here is some helpful information on how to trim and maintain oak trees.
The oak tree is native to the northern hemisphere. It is either deciduous or evergreen, depending upon the cultivar. There are about 400 species which are identified from all over the world.
A mature tree can grow upto 30 meters in height and spread up to 25 - 45 meters diameter. Commercially, they are grown for tannin, timber, and other valuable products.
The tree's hardness and high tannin content make it resistant to fungal and pest attacks. Hence, wooden furniture made of oaks are superior and highly priced.
In addition to durability, oak possesses characteristic grain markings that add to the aesthetic value of the timber. Wine barrels made from oak have been used since a long time. Such barrels impart characteristic color, taste, flavor, and aroma to the drinks.
For preparation of the barrels, French oak (Quercus robur) and American oak (Quercus rubra) are widely exploited. The bark of white oak is used therapeutically for making herbal medicines.

Care Tips for Oak Trees

Oak trees requires proper care to keep them healthy and disease-free. Majority of the oak species are adapted to dry summer conditions, hence they cannot tolerate heavy watering. So, irrigation should be done lightly. One of the major problems with the plantation is weeds.
Considering this, mulching is necessary around the tree in order to control weeds. Oak trees require little or no fertilization. Another tip for growing oak tree is careful and timely trimming of the branches.

Trimming of Oak Tree

The best time for trimming the oak tree is during winters when the tree is at the peak of dormancy. At this time, there are less chances of pest infestation on the freshly cut surfaces. The tree can be trimmed by following certain safety tips. If the branches spread in proximity to power lines or are very tall, call a professional trimmer.
For trimming, you need a pole saw, ladder (for high branches), gloves and safety goggles. Put on the safety gear. For trimming a branch from the matured oak tree, cut from the underside of the branch. Ensure that you leave about one foot length between the cut and the main trunk. Stop cutting as the cut reaches to about a quarter of the branch dimension.
Make the second cut from the top of the branch as the first cut. Stop cutting as it reaches a quarter of the branch. Remove the branch from the tree by completing the cut from the top side. For young and developing trees, trimming should be done regularly for a proper canopy shape . As the tree reaches maturity trimming frequency should be kept minimum.
Though oak trees are resistant to insect and pest attacks, they are prone to various problems such as thinning and yellowing of foliage, dying of branches, growing of shelf mushroom in the main trunk, development of cavities and/or slimy patches in the trunk.
Any of these symptoms indicate serious problems that may kill the tree. Landscaping around the oak trees can be done, provided that the basic requirements of oak trees are taken care of.