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Motion Detector Sprinkler

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Feb 10, 2019
A motion detector sprinkler helps to drive away birds, rodents, and other garden intruders by spraying water instantly. The unit consists of a passive infrared sensor that detects movements within a specific location.
If tired of frequent destruction of flower beds and garden plants by rodents, birds, and intruders, install a motion detector sprinkler. This technology to keep away birds, animals, and other unwanted intruders. It gets activated on detecting any movement and sprinkles water abruptly, scaring the intruders.

Working Principle

The sprinkler is made of durable materials that increase the longevity of the unit, even after exposure to harsh environmental conditions. The configuration of this system consists of an in-built motion sensitive detector that detects movements within the location. This unit can detect larger animals for a longer distance of about 35 feet.
In most cases, the sensor system installed in the unit is of a passive infrared type that works both day and night. The field of view for this technology is about 105 degrees.
The device works by activating three features, namely, water spray, light system, and sudden noise. One can adjust the distance of the water spray as per the size of the garden. The water spraying time is 3 seconds, after which the unit resets within 8 seconds. The amount of water sprinkled per deterrence is about 2-3 cups.
Hence, this unit can also be used in water scarcity areas. For manipulating the operation time of the unit, most homeowners prefer to install a timer along with the system.
Sensitivity of the device can be set by adjusting a knob, to suit the coverage area of the garden. It runs on batteries installed in the unit. On an average, a 9 volt battery lasts for about a year and activates up to 5,000 times. The sprinkler is placed in a particular position in the garden or lawn. A superior quality device covers about 1200 square feet.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As it does not involve hazardous chemicals (pesticides and repellents) to drive away unwanted animals, this system is considered one of the most eco-friendly products for scaring garden and lawn intruders.It is easy to install and move from one place to another. Also, the circuit system is configured so that it is not activated falsely, like, by winds.
While installing it, make sure it is not oriented towards moving objects or areas prone to movements like waterfalls and sideways. To activate this pest control device, install the batteries and connect the sprinkler to the garden hose. During winters, heavy frost may affect its working. Hence, it should be protected properly to avoid such problems.
One of the major disadvantages of a motion detector sprinkler is that the infrared sensor is effective only if the temperature of the intruders and background are different. In simpler terms, this device cannot detect intruders in case their temperature is similar to the background.