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Easy Care Instructions For Your Money Plant That Actually Work

Money Plant Care Instructions
If you are a beginner with a newfound interest in gardening, then money plant could be an ideal plant to start with. It demands very little care and can easily thrive indoors as well as outdoors.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018
Money plant is a plant native to the swamps of South America. In Feng Shui, it is considered as a plant that brings wealth and fortune to the owner. It has five leaves on every branch and the braided tree is formed by intertwining five different types of trees. It is customary to gift this tree amongst the Feng Shui followers. So, in case you received a money plant from your Feng Shui follower friend or decide to get yourself one from the Asian market, you sure would like to know a few tips to care for it.
Money Tree On Wooden Table
(In Feng Shui, the number five symbolizes the five basic elements of nature, metal, wood, earth, fire and water. Hence, this tree is popular in many Asian countries and is often sold with the 'lucky bamboo plants'. It is to be placed in the wealth corner of your house, as per Feng Shui.)
Money Plant Care Instructions and Tips
Money plant care is not a major issue of concern as the tree mostly thrives in normal conditions. A well cared plant can grow up to 12 feet, while an averagely cared tree can still grow up to 7 feet. Since, it does not demand extensive or expert care, even beginners can easily take care of it. Although, it does not require special care and attention, it is important that you know what are the ideal water, light and soil conditions for this plant, so that it grows to its full health.
The size of pot would depend upon the size of the plant you wish to grow. For indoor houseplants, it is ideal to go for bonsai varieties. Outdoor plants can be potted in the pots that are ideal for their size. In any case, you will have to re-pot them every two years, as the plant tends to grow fast. Avoid planting the tree in a pot that is too small for it. This way you could constrict its growth. It is always better to go for a pot that is a bit large for the size of the plant. This way you can avoid the hassle of repotting the plant too frequently.
Money plant prefers soil that allows better aeration and drainage. Mixing river sand with normal potting soil is a good way of ensuring good soil conditions for the plant. Alternatively, you can also go for potting soil with high pearlite content (the one used for cacti plantation). Money plant grows well in the soil that is only slightly moist.
Money plant flourishes when you water it adequately, but it can still thrive when you under water it. However, avoid over watering it under all circumstances. Water the plant once every 7 to 10 days during summer. It is essential to let the soil dry between two watering sessions. However, the interval between the two watering sessions shouldn't be too much that the soil dries up and begins to crack. While watering make sure, you are watering it to the extent that the soil becomes wet but not clogged with water. If the leaves curl up, be sure that you are adding too much water. If they dry up and become listless, you are not watering it enough. Damp the foliage of the plant by misting them with spray bottle. However, avoid this, if you have placed the plant in direct sunlight.
Winter: Watering the plant once every 2 - 3 weeks during winter months is sufficient for its growth. Again check for the dryness of soil to make sure you are watering enough.
Money plant can grow well in direct sunlight as well as indoors, in low light. Alternate sunlight and shade is ideal for the plant's growth. Although, it can tolerate high amount of sunlight, it is a common sense not to place your plant in scorching sunlight during summer. You can easily burn it by doing so.
Winter: If your money plant shows stunted growth in winter, you can consider placing it in a patio or any outdoor location which does not receive direct sunlight.
It is preferable to feed a money plant with liquid fertilizers during a watering session every few weeks. It is recommended that you follow manufacturer's instructions regarding the correct amount of fertilizer to be applied. Apply fertilizers in shade, preferably in the evening, as it could burn roots while in sun. Pellet fertilizers are also good for money plants, as they release only a small dose of fertilizer.
Winter: You do not need to apply the fertilizer during the months of winter.
Special Care
Money plant doesn't need any special care, as it is pretty resilient and can thrive in average conditions. Protect the plant in winter from extreme cold as it can lead to frostbite to the fleshy leaves. The plant does not need pruning as the foliage does not grow beyond 5 to 7 feet.
Money plant seeds, leaves and fruits are all edible. With proper care you can have a beautiful tree to look at in your yard.