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Metal Wall Planters to Enhance the Outdoor Decor

Shashank Nakate Nov 7, 2018
There are numerous metal wall planters available in the market with varied design patterns and which create an ambiance that is soothing and comfortable to spend time in. Nowadays, abstract metal wall art are in vogue along with conventional designs.
The decorative items created from metals such as Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass and Iron are known as metal arts. Used to enhance the look and feel of walls or add richness to a home or any area for that matter; they come in a wide variety and are low in price.
There are different types and patterns of metal artworks available in the market. One can however create his own outdoor metal wall art at home to customize its appearance. Many interesting ideas for taking up such decoration works are presented here.
Metal planters are used to display plants and flowers to enhance the appearance of a surrounding. The Ankara metal wall planters are considered ideal for placing the plants outdoors since they can be used as vases or can be just placed or hung outdoors.
The Ankara planters made from bronze are appealing owing to warm and rich colors they possess.

Outdoor Metal Wall Decor

There are many different designs and artworks made out of metals to decorate the outdoor walls. The decor items mentioned here would give a different and refreshing look to the surroundings.

Fish Wall Decor

The fish wall decor is great for outdoor wall decoration. The view of tropical fish hanging on an outdoor wall is a rejuvenating and soothing experience. Many such decor items available in the market are handmade and hand-painted.
They are covered with UV sealer and anti-rusting agents to increase their life. The hooks in them allow easy mounting on walls.


The metal art featuring butterflies make their surroundings colorful and give them a seasonal accent. These hangings should not be placed in direct path of sunrays.

Sun - Celestial Metal Art

This outdoor decor is prepared in the form of a black silhouette, and is manufactured from steel. Dimension of frame used for this artwork is 24" x 24". It makes for a nice decorative item for outside walls.

Metal Plant Stand

It is made of powder-coated steel and is available in quarter-round and rectangular style. These are easy to install and generally 29" tall and 21" deep. Galvanized trays are available with these stands.
However, their use is optional and one can exclude them from the overall assembly of plant stands. Trays collect the soil drips and thereby keep the floor clean. Thus, it is advisable to make use of such trays.

Wall Plex Outdoor Wall Sculpture

It is created with cast-aluminium and finished with silver. Aluminium makes the sculptures light weight, corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain, decorative.

Sunflower Welcome Plaque

This metal hanging can be used for mounting on a wall, door or gates. It is hand-painted, which offers it a customized look.
The metal wall planters and other decorative wall arts are definitely a good choice for wall decoration. These items are not only beautiful in appearance but also durable and long-lasting. Proper use of such art works would help enhance the appearance of your house.