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Metal Handrails for Outdoor Stairs

Mamta Mule Dec 12, 2018
Metal handrails are versatile and blend well with any style of staircase. You have an array of options in metal handrail designs while adding them to outdoor stairs and playing up the beauty of your exteriors. Here's more about the designs that you can consider opting for.
While working on the exterior decor of your home, staircases are one of the important elements which need to be designed rightly. When you design the outdoor steps, no matter whether it is a short one with 5-7 steps or a long one, it has to be attractive and blend well with the rest of the exterior decor.
Outdoor steps can be made of concrete or metal, depending upon your choice of material and surrounding decor. While concrete stairways with perfect elegant finishes are the most common picks, wrought iron steps are also quite popular these days.
Let me tell you that metal handrails for outdoor stairs can be the perfect finishing element for this structure, even if the staircase is not made of metal! So move on and get some ideas on decorative metallic handrails for stairs that lead towards your door.

Decorative Metal Handrails

Simple Handrail Rods

While installing outdoor metal railings for stairs, the first thing that you need to consider is the minimum required height. Also, consider the total length of handrails from the first to the last step which will help you choose the right designs. The simplest designs include straight vertical rods installed in line between two long horizontal rods.
Sometimes the handrail just consists of straight vertical rods without the top and bottom boundary of horizontal rods - each of the rods being graced with delicate crown designs. The vertical rods are sometimes graced with round wrought iron pieces which are installed in between alternative rods or in a straight line above the horizontal rod.

Delicate Designs

Wrought iron handrails are popular for the delicate designer touch which they add to the structure. You can opt for the most intricate designs and even the simple, yet eye-catching patterns making up the handrails. Coiled designs and curvy patterns that make delicate and lovely outdoor stair railings are popularly chosen.
From twisted vertical rods, till curved and snake styled horizontal rods, you have a lot to explore in metal handrails. A unique design which consists of horizontal curvy branch styled rods extending out from a round but not so thick vertical trunk styled rod can be a classic pick. These are further graced with leaves and thin branches.

Blend Them or Make Them Unique

Go for unique designs matching with the handrails for patio, deck and other extensions of the house. As most of these are visible from the exterior, having same handrails for outdoor stairs will give a well-defined and uniform look.
You can definitely opt to give your staircase a unique touch without blending its handrails with rest of the handrails designs and instead make them even more attractive and class apart. Opting for visually appealing metallic handrails which are graced with wood or glass material is another good idea.
While the handrail is finalized and the structure is installed in place, all that is left is giving it the finishing touches. Paint them in elegant plain whites or give them a coat of black, choice is yours! Go for soft natural finishes or jazz them up with bronze, copper or grand looking golden finish.
Outdoor metal railings for stairs if painted in pastel shades, make sure that the same match with the exterior paint colors as well. Keeping the handrails clean and in the bargain keeping them looking great is essential.
You can add stair treads or a nice carpet runner that complements the finish of handrails to have a perfect looking staircase package ready to beautify your exteriors.