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A Guide to Building Metal Fence Panel And Posts

Prashant Magar Nov 4, 2018
The biggest advantage of having a metal fence panel and posts as boundaries is that they are the best when it comes to securing a place. In addition to this, if some creativity comes into play, then it can be an aesthetically pleasing option as well.
Metal fence panels form an essential component in a myriad of house designs. It is a package of safety and if a beauty element is added, it gives a pristine look to even the modest of houses. Perhaps, a family with kids will know better how vital is the role metal posts and panels play.
These fences ensure that their little ones are safe, separating and distancing the neighborhood from the comforts of their house. In addition to this, various other amenities, such as swimming pool or animal containment fences, ranging from equine fencing to dog fences, can be built by the use of metal boundaries.
One of the most popular metal fences, which provides excellent solution for the needs of modern lifestyle, is a steel fence design. It is available in a range of patterns, along with the choice of the most simple interlocked design to the most complicated of frameworks.
Even if you have planned for a wooden fencing for a place, metal fence posts can be a viable alternative for wooden ones. The biggest advantage of these is that the joints which hold the entire framework together, wouldn't rot.
Always ensure that the metal fence posts have a strong foundation by installing the posts with their lower end firmly inserted under ground. A proper rust prevention coating must be given to make a strong, durable and lasting fence.
Another big advantage of using metal fence panel and posts is that the design can be given any shape and size to customize the look, according to your needs. There is a range of design patterns and metal options, depending on your budget and ideas for a compound boundary.
Thus, there is a flexibility of choice with respect to the type and cost of the boundary fencing.

Building Metal Fences

Depending on the type of fence panels in use, there should be a proper choice of the metal posts used to connect and support the same. Installation of metal posts is the first step in the building of a fence. Posts which are raised or installed along the continuous boundary line are called line posts.
On turns or corners the metal fence posts are referred to as the corner post arrangement. These corners can also be braced by double support from both the sides by brace posts.
Once all the locations are marked considering the strength and the boundary of the framework, the next step is the actual installation of the metal fence posts. A post driver is used to drive down the posts in the ground and secure a strong foundation.
In case of a molded iron fencing, the posts need additional support in the form of a concrete base, to hold on to the extra weight. Simple chain links, meshing and barbed fencing, welded fence, metal piping and so on are the various types of fences that can be built.
The posts can be chosen accordingly in the form of joint shapes such as the u-joint, t-joint, y-joint or square-shaped posts, to suit the particular metal fencing.
The joints and the fence locking process can be done by fencing pliers to lock the fencing together, link it or simply clip it together. The choice of the framework must take into account the requirement and the need of the fence, the terrain where it is to be constructed and the local conditions.
Hence, if you desire to install metal fence panel and posts, make sure that you are aware of the needs as well as the demands for construction of the same.