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Maple Tree Planting

Kashmira Lad Sep 30, 2018
Here are some tips and tricks related with maple tree planting. We will also be sharing some tips that will ensure that you get it right while caring for it.
Maple trees are known especially for their uniquely-shaped leaves. Such is their popularity that many countries often celebrate leaf-watching, which is mainly done to observe the autumn foliage.
Maple also has a significant role to play when it comes to tourism. These form an integral part of the beautiful landscapes that attract hordes of tourists every year.
Also, one does not simply say, "Pretty please, with maple syrup on it!" This is because, these trees are also an important source of syrup, apart from their numerous other uses. Here is a look at some of the factors associated with its plantation.

Care and Tips


Maple trees need good soil for appropriate growth. The kind of soil you use is connected with the kind of nutrients that reach this tree. Your job would primarily be to look after the soil so that the necessary nutrients are supplied.
You need to make a good combination of the mineral content in the soil, along with the moisture level. You would also need to create a more natural type of soil for maple trees. It is also advisable to incorporate mycorrhizal fungi in the soil for better growth.

Planting Site

While planting these trees, pick a well-drained area. This area should also be in a well-lit place that receives ample sunlight. Also, keep in mind the kind of space you have provided for these trees. The height of the tree should not be a hindrance later on.

Planting Season

Seasons affect the growth of many plantations. Different seasons also have an important role in plantation. Experts claim that fall is the best season to plant a maple. The chilly or cool weather in fall is known to augment the growth of the roots.

Tree Care as per Season

In the summer season, remember to water the newly planted trees well. The soil should also have the appropriate organic matter. Ensure that you water the trees sufficiently. In case of extreme heat, you would need to water it deeply for a few weeks. You must also prevent loss of water through evaporation in that case.
In the spring season, you can add some extra organic matter into the soil to prevent the growth of weeds. Add some mulch around the trunk. This will help to improve the quality of the soil, which would in turn help in the growth of the maple tree. Wintertime would mean getting rid of all the dead branches and pruning the entire tree to a certain extent.
You must always remember to plant the tree deeply, and this should be proportionate to the container that holds it as well. The hole should also be wide, and in the shape of a saucer. This would enable the roots to spread out well and easily. Add a layer of mulch around the trunk of the tree to retain moisture.