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Magnolia Tree Seeds

Magnolia Tree Seeds
Magnolia tree seeds are red in color, and are found in a cone-shaped fruit. Find out some more facts about them, and know how to plant them.
Niharika Arya
With colorful flowers and an enchanting fragrance, magnolia trees have always been the first love of gardeners. Most of the species are native to Southeast Asia and Eastern United States. On complete maturation, they transform into big trees, and can even reach a height of 80 feet. There are almost 200 magnolia tree varieties. The seeds are bright red in color, and found enclosed in a woody cone.
Magnolia is considered to be a very ancient tree due to its nature of reproduction. The trees of these category still rely on the beetle species for pollination, whereas the other plants have adapted themselves with the present situation, pollinating even with bees and butterflies. The unique, old method of pollination makes them ancient dignitaries. Though they do not contain any nectar, the fragrance of the flowers, attracts beetles which finally carry out the pollination. The trees then bear cone-shaped woody fruits or pods, which are green in color, and full of scales. As they mature, they break, and the bright red seeds are exposed. The seeds can then either transform into plants, or may be fed on by birds.
Magnolia Tree Seeds Uses
  • The most important and obvious use of magnolia tree seedlings is to give birth to a new plant. As we know, nature can do it perfectly. However, if you want to plant a magnolia tree, you need to take plenty of precautions and measures, to make sure it grows well.
  • The second major use of magnolia seedlings is that they are food for many birds. Many birds, which migrate from distant places, eat them. Being rich in nutritional value, these seeds help them as an energy booster, and give them the strength to fly long distances. Even songbirds are fond of these seeds, and try their level best to peck them out of those woody fruits.
How to Plant the Seeds
Planting a magnolia is not an easy job. You need to take a lot of care. Following are some of the magnolia tree care steps which may help you to get a magnolia plant in your garden.
  • It is very difficult to store magnolia seeds. Hence, if you are looking forward to having this tree in your garden, it is better to get the fruit of the tree as soon as it has matured. You can get it in the late summer and early fall. Allow it to dry for some days.
  • Once the seeds get dry, take them out of the pod, and soak overnight in warm water.
  • In the morning, remove the cover of a seed, and plant it half an inch inside a small pot, with two parts peat moss, one part soil, and one part sand.
  • Water it properly, and cover it with plastic so as to maintain proper moisture.
  • Keep it in a warm location. Regularly expose it to air and light.
  • The seedling can be seen in 4 to 6 weeks. Remove and replace it in a much bigger pot. This time, place it in the open, in a sunny area.
  • Once you find the second set of leaves, take them out, and plant in your garden. Take proper care, and water them regularly.
Many people think that magnolia tree seeds are poisonous for birds, but that's not true. The trees which are treated with pesticides may result in some poisonous effects on the birds. Follow the instructions and take care of your magnolia trees. Not only will they provide you with beautiful flowers, but they shall also be a melting pot for a horde of different birds.
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