Macrame Plant Hanger Instructions

Macrame Plant Hanger Instructions That are Simple to Understand

Macrame uses the technique of knotting, instead of weaving or knitting. It is an excellent hobby for not only those who are creative with their hands, but also for those people who want to try out something new.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Macrame, derived from the Arabic migramah, means 'striped towel' or an 'ornamental fringe'. It is an art of decorating with knots and beads, and is believed to have been used for the first time by 13th-century Arab carpet weavers. During the Victorian era, many households were adorned with this craft and women used it to create rich trimmings not only for their clothes but also draperies. Since then, this art has flourished and taken many different forms.

The art of macrame can be used to create decorative plant holders. It adds to the beauty of the plants, as the use of varied colored cords and beads makes the plant hanger look very pretty. This craft is simple and easy to learn. And for all those who are wondering how to make macrame plant hangers, one can start by trying out the following instructions.

Plant Hanger - Type 1

Materials Needed:
  • Macrame rope
  • Metal ring
  • Scissors
  • Flower pot
  • While deciding on the length of the macrame rope, one would need a measure at least six times more of the length of the finished holder.
  • After cutting them, one should have minimum 6 pieces of equal length. Fold them in half to create 12 rope ends.
  • Tie them to the ring, using an overhand knot.
  • Separate the 12 rope ends into three groups of 4 each.
  • Knot one of the rope ends with a simple square knot, at the height of the planter's top.
  • Take another two sections, and tie a knot at the same height.
  • Separate each section of the 4 rope ends in half, pairing off every half with the one to its immediate right or left.
  • After doing this, you will be left with 3 sets of 4 strands each. Knot these remaining rope ends, by holding them together at the height of the bottom of the pot.
  • Bring all 12 ends to the center of the bottom of the pot, and wind it up with a final knot. One can cut off the leftover ends, or bead them.
  • Place your pot, inside the plant hanger.
Plant Hanger - Type 2

Materials Needed:
  • Macrame cords
  • Wooden ring
  • Scissors
  • Flower pot
  • Here one needs to place the pot in the center and braid the macrame all around it. Take about 16 cords, each of about three meters long.
  • Out of these, take 4 cords and double them by holding from the center.
  • Bind it ten times using the square knot, making 10 - 15 knots.
  • Make a loop of the square knot braid and tie up the ends with a small wind knot.
  • When you reach the end, just about 2-3 inches under the wind knot, hook the ends of four cords on a wooden ring, using the double half hitches.
  • Gather the remaining cords below the ring and make one more wind knot.
  • Using the spiral braid knotting technique, tie 4 braids with each of the 4 cords.
  • Split the 4 cords at the end of the spiral braid into two parts.
  • Tie 2 chain braids, about 2 inches long, on the two cords.
  • Connect these two chain braids, using the gourmand pattern.
  • Under each gourmand pattern, make two chain braids and tie them again with the pattern.
  • These steps have to be repeated, until the pot is braided till the bottom.
  • Collect all the ends under the bottom of the pot and tie them with a large wind knot.
Macrames are easy to make. The instructions may seem a little daunting at first, but practice will definitely make you perfect. Making your own outdoor plant hangers for your pots will not only bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy, but win you many compliments as well.